Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hot websites for Cool Chicks

As you can imagine Galmatic HQ is run by women, so of course we like to shop, gossip and buy things for our babies!Here are our favourite websites - happy browsing.
This retro style website is an online directory of beautiful online boutiques that stock clothes, gifts and special treasures. Saves you from doing the online search!
This site is edited by the former editor of Cosmopolitan magazine and is great for expert beauty advice and how-to tips for celebrity hair styles, makeup techniques, fashion show trends, hair care, skin care, fragrance.
Design and send beautiful online party invitations to your friends – this website is a free service and very environmentally friendly.
Big style for little people. This site has the cutest clothes and accessories for babies and kids. All the Galmatic babies get dressed here!
If you’re looking for gorgeous 1950’s retro style clothing, then this site is for you. All the rockabilly chicks in the office love these dresses. Very sexy femme fatale!

Silly Season Demerit Points

Yes it is that time of year on the roads again when double demerit points come into force.The Demerit Points Scheme is a national program that allocates penalty points (demerits) for a range of driving offences.
Drivers on a full c class license can accumulate 12 demerits over 3 years before license loss occurs. This year double points apply from:Friday 19th December 2008 to Sunday 4th January 2009.
Here is a list of the main offences, their fines and demerits.

Exceed speed limit 15km/h
6 points $486
Driver not wearing a seatbelt
6 points $486
Each passenger not wearing a seat belt
6 points $486
Drive using a hand held mobile phone
3 points $ 486
Make U-turn contrary to sign
2 points $189
Drive with a sound system emitting excessive sound
2 points $150

santa baby

Yes Santa Claus is coming and its our first birthday too - We have fabulous gifts for that girl in your life; sisters, girlfriends, daughters, mums and a gorgeous offer too!

Too many drinks over Christmas to drive home needn’t be a worry with the SmartGirl
Roadside Emergency Kit. The kit contains a 350ml bottle of spring water, premium aluminum free deodorant, tampons, aromatherapy headache and stress remedy and a lip conditioner.
All in all it contains 24 great products to cover any emergency or urgency that a girl may have (including breath mints and a Pink Lady chocolate heart for those extreme chocolate cravings) and it all comes packed in the coolest little tin lunch box.
We have a complimentry copy of the Galmatic Car Care Handbook all wrapped up for you with every SmartGirl Roadside Kit purchased in the month of December!

The Galmatic Handbook is perfect for anyone who has just learnt to drive, or perhaps for the girl that needs to know a little more about cars. It’s the glove box essential for any girl with a car.
Check out the
website for all our other car care products too.

Also - All Christmas orders will arrive in a black Galmatic cotton tote bag and wrapped in brown paper and string with a beautiful christmas card; very 1950’s. Simply type ‘Christmas’ in the comments box.
Happy Shopping!

Stay Sun Smart

As the summer heat sets in we start thinking about sun care and using sunscreen with high SPF.
Sun creams work to either absorb or reflect UV rays. Make sure you wear a broad-spectrum cream that protects you from both UVA and UVB rays.

UVA rays – cause photo ageing of the skin, or what we commonly call pre mature ageing which is dark spots, loss of elasticity and wrinkles. UVA rays can penetrate cloud and go deep into the Dermis of the skin (where your collagen is).
UVB rays – cause sun tan and burn, cannot penetrate cloud and do not go through to the Dermis.

Your car needs sun protection too. Both the tyres and paintwork discolour and crack.

For your tyres

Tyre colour care products come in a variety of formulations.
They are designed to intensify the colour of your tyres and some also work to prevent browning, cracking and tyre premature ageing.
Tyre colour care products also help to protect tyres from environmental damage, especially UV, much like SPF products work to protect your skin. The most common products are tyre paint or tyre foam.
Tyre paint (always black) comes in a tin, just like house paint and needs to be applied with a paintbrush. This is the most labour intensive way to blacken your tyres, but it will certainly leave a wonderful finish.

For your paintwork

Car waxes are like moisturisers for your car and work as a protective barrier for your cars skin to fight off free radicals and especially protect your cars paint from UV damage and salt air.
Waxing your car
You wax your car the same way that you polish it, with the only difference being in the removal process. You do not remove the wax completely as you want to leave behind a protective coating.
1. Apply wax with a clean cloth.
2. Rub the wax onto the paint in small circular motions.
3. Remove the wax with a separate clean cloth leaving a light coat.
4. Move onto the next section. Try to concentrate on one panel at a time just like polishing.
The paintwork will be very shiny when you have finished!
We stock premium
Meguiars car care products – the perfect anti ageing skincare for your car!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Keep your car fire safe

As the weeks start to heat up, fire awareness becomes a priority in Australia. We check the batteries in our home fire alarms, we have fire drills at work where the fire warden gets to wear their yellow fire hat and high - vis vest and we watch the devastation that bush fire causes on the news; we do not however always take simple precautions to safeguard our homes and cars.

For your car

  1. Smoking in a car is a fire hazard. Do not butt out cigarettes in the ashtray; rather keep a water bottle half filled with water in the car and throw your butts in there. The water will distinguish the butt, the lid will prevent any spillage and the bottle is then easy to dispose

  2. Do not keep petrol or other flammable liquids in the boot of the car

  3. If you park your car in a garage or under a carport, keep the gutters free of leaves and debris Keep a fire extinguisher in the car. You will need a dry chemical powder extinguisher as they are non conductive. Do not use water on an electrical/fuel fire. Extinguishers are available from hardware stores and car care stores and are safe to store in the car

  4. Keep a well stocked First Aid Kit in the car for any emergencies. We have a fabulous one that is perfect for the car or kitchen

Friday, October 3, 2008

Should I slam on the brakes?

You have probably heard of the acronym ABS, which stands for – Anti Lock Braking System, but do you know how to correctly use ABS brakes and what these brakes actually do?

ABS prevents your wheels from locking when you apply pressure to the brakes and prevents a car from skidding. The computer system senses if a wheel is about to skid and temporarily releases the brake pressure on the wheel. Brake pressure is reapplied until the wheel is about to skid again.

When you’re in an emergency situation in a car with ABS brakes; keep your foot hard on the pedal for as long as you need to miss the obstacle. The ABS will prevent you from skidding, the pedal will feel like it is pulsing lightly and the brakes will make a lot of noise.

As an ABS equipped car will not skid during emergency braking, the wheels continue to rotate, which means you can still steer; increasing your chances of missing the obstacle in front.

In normal braking conditions ABS work like ordinary brakes. Apply pressure smoothly, steadily increasing the force until you stop.

Are you a backseat Kisser?

Lots of kissing happens in cars. Lots of babies have been made in cars too!
Now you may think that you have the car smooch down pat; but it wouldn’t hurt to read on just in case you learn a trick or two.

Hot and steamy kissing in the car always fogs the windows, so remember to roll down an inch of each window; it will help your warm breath to escape from the car.

Always turn off the engine and put on the handbrake. Put the car into ‘Park’ if it’s automatic or into gear for a manual.
Invite your honey into the backseat where there is less chance of releasing the handbrake and catching body parts into the steering wheel.
Don’t park in secluded backstreets or deserted car parks. Yes you will have privacy, but so will anyone coming to rob you.
Lock the doors; it will stop nasty surprise guests.
Not going straight home after your raundevu? A smudged lipstick emergency kit is essential! Mints, tissues, wet ones, toothbrush are all a must. Grab the perfect pre-prepared kit from the Galmatic website: Car Kissing Kit.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Changing Your Windscreen Wiper Blades

You have probably noticed that Miss Lizzy has only drawn me one car which is my hot Scarlet Buick. Sexy yes, but waterproof no!
Wiper blades that work well? No to that to. So i learn't how to change them myself. It’s often not until a rainy day comes along that you notice your windscreen wipers are scratchy or not cleaning your windscreen properly. If you’re not due for a car service for a while, then use this guide to change your blades. let me know how you go.

1. Purchase the right wiper blades for your type of vehicle. You can purchase them from either a general car care store or from a car dealership
2. Stand in front of your windscreen and gently lift the wiper arm away from the windscreen
3. On the front of the arm you will see a lever known as the ‘release lever’. Press on this lever, slide the blade down and out of the hook in the end
4. Slide in the new blade and ensure it is secure
5. Place the wiper arm back onto the windscreen and repeat on the other side

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Need a good Mechanic?

Female Friendly

Ever needed a car mechanic and have had no idea how to find a good one?
Well the girls at Female Friendly have come to the rescue!
Female Friendly Accreditation is a company that uses certain criteria to rate mechanics and those who pass the test get the FFA tick of approval.
Female Friendly Accreditation was established late 2007 after an Adelaide housewife and mother of 4 children discovered the need for Female Friendly mechanics to be recognised.

By logging onto the website you can look for an accredit ted mechanic in your area, leaving you with a feeling of confidence that you’re not going to get ripped off. You can jot the mechanics details into your Galmatic Handbook and have them ready in time for your next service.
If you know of a business, trade or service that you feel is Female Friendly™, visit and nominate them today. If you are the first person to nominate a business that successfully becomes Female Friendly™ Accredited you will receive a $50 Coles/Myer gift voucher! For more information visit the Female Friendly™ website or phone 1300 PINK TICK™.

Cleaning your Car Carpet

Here are a few tips to clean the most common carpet stains in cars.

Vomit – Vomit is acidic so neutralise it with a mixture of water and baking soda. Remove lumpy vomit with a paper towel and then mix the water and baking soda into a paste and rub into the stain, vacuum up the remainder.

Alcohol – Wash immediately with cold water as allowing the alcohol to sit for too long may change the colour of your carpet – never drink and drive

Blood – do not use hot water as this will set the stain. Make a paste of laundry powder and cold water and rub into the stain. Blot with paper towel and vacuum remainder.

General stains – Vacuum carpet. Dampen a rag with cold water and detergent and rub over your car carpets and follow with a dry cloth. Leave car windows and doors open to ensure the carpet is thoroughly dry. Do not soak the carpet as this will give it a mouldy smell.

For more great car care tips grab yourself a copy of Galmatic - the Car Care Handbook for Girls

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hybrid cars

There is quite a lot of hype about Hybrid cars in the news at the moment, so we thought it was a good idea to give you a brief rundown on them.

A hybrid car is a car that uses electricity as well as petrol to power the motor. It uses a conventional petrol engine which is supplemented by an electric power plant.
Hybrid cars are more environmentally friendly as they use, on average half the amount of fuel of a traditional petrol car of the same size.

Having smaller petrol engines, the electric power plant will kick in when you need more acceleration. It means you can drive a bigger car whilst still being fuel efficient.

Hybrid cars do drive a little differently as you can feel the engine switching from petrol to electric as you drive, especially in traffic.

Currently (2008) there are three hybrid cars available in Australia:
Toyota – Prius
Honda – Civic Hybrid
Lexus – 400h

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Driving in the rain

Tips for driving in the rain

We have some great driving in the rain tips in the Galmatic Handbook, but thought that it was a good idea to give you a few more now that we are entering the rainy winter months. For more basic tips refer to you Galmatic Handbook page 33.

What makes driving in the rain more dangerous?
§ A wet road causes your tyres to lose traction, making skidding more likely, especially when braking
§ It is harder to see the road ahead of you as visibility decreases
§ Headlights appear dimmer
Tips for safer driving
§ Do not use cruise control in the wet. Your foot will be away from the pedals, your focus will not be on braking and accelerating and if you start to skid the car may actually accelerate.
§ Be extremely careful if it hasn’t rained in quite some time. Engine oil and petrol can build up overtime. The first few hours of rain are the most dangerous, as continuous rainfall will eventually wash away the oil.
§ Don’t attempt to cross running water, try an alternate route or turn around and go back the way you came.
After you cross a puddle, tap on your brake pedal lightly to dry off some of the water on your rotors.
Don’t follow the car in front of you too closely. If they hit a pothole or deep water you will have time to react.

On those cold and rainy days there is nothing worse than a misty car windscreen that you cannot see out of.

Why does the windscreen fog up?
Put simply the window is cold and heavy with moisture and when you jump in with your warm breath, it quickly cools down creating more moisture which condenses on the nearest cold surface it can find: your car windows.

What can you do to solve this problem?
Turn on the air conditioner onto the demist cycle as this will work to remove the water vapour. Set the air conditioning onto warm and get toasty at the same time.

Stay Fuel efficient
Using the air conditioner in your car reduces fuel efficiency, so once the windscreen is demisted turn the air conditioning off.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Windows all steamy?

On those cold and rainy days there is nothing worse than a misty car windscreen that you cannot see out of.

Why does the windscreen fog up?
Put simply the window is cold and heavy with moisture and when you jump in with your warm breath, it quickly cools down creating more moisture which condenses on the nearest cold surface it can find: your car windows.

What can you do to solve this problem?
Turn on the air conditioner onto the demist cycle as this will work to remove the water vapor. Set the air conditioning onto warm and get toasty at the same time.

Stay Fuel efficient
Using the air conditioner in your car reduces fuel efficiency, so once the windscreen is demisted turn the air conditioning off.

For more handy cartips grab a copy of the Galmatic Handbook

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Random Roadside Drug Testing

With the introduction of roadside drug testing, it is even more important to work out your best form of transport before you go out, if you are going to be drinking or taking drugs this long weekend.

What drugs do they test for?
Delta -9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) - cannabis
Methylamphetamine - speed, ice, crystal meth
Methylenedioxymethylamphetamine (MDMA) - ecstasy

How are you tested?
1. You are given a preliminary oral fluid test which involves you licking a test pad. It will take roughly 5 mins for a result
2. If you test negative you can drive away
3. If you test positive you will have to take a second oral fluid test, the result of which will take 20 mins. This will be done outside of your vehicle, but still roadside. If this test comes back positive you will not be charged, however you will be suspended for driving for the next 24 hrs. You will have to organise for someone to drive your car home.
4. Your second oral fluid test will be sent to the laboratory for testing. If the presence of any of the screened for drugs are detected you will be sent a Court Attendance Notice with the charge of driving with the presence of an illicit drug

What are the penalties?
First Offence
Maximum court imposed fine - $2,200
Maximum gaol term - 9 months
Maximum licence disqualification - unlimited, minimum - 6 months
Second Offence
Maximum court imposed fine - $3,300
Maximum gaol term - 12 months
Maximum licence disqualification - unlimited, minimum - 12 months

visit our website at

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Which Unleaded Petrol do I use?

Unleaded Petrol (ULP) RON 91 - 93

Fuel (petrol) is your cars main source of food and it is always healthy to keep your car with at least a quarter of a tank of fuel.
When you’re at the service station you will notice that there are a few different fuel options to choose from.

The main two types of fuel are Regular unleaded and Premium unleaded.
In 1986 Unleaded petrol was introduced to enable new cars to operate with a device called a catalytic converter. This device was designed to help reduce car exhaust emissions.

The difference between Regular and Premium unleaded petrol is the research octane number (RON) of the petrol, which is the level of a fuels compression performance.
Premium unleaded has a higher RON and some new cars have a manufacturer’s recommendation to only use Premium unleaded.
Check your car manual to see which unleaded petrol is best for your car.

Unleaded Petrol has a RON of between 91 and 93.

Premium Unleaded Petrol (PULP) RON 95

PULP is a special blend of petrol designed to bring high octane, and hence high engine power, as well as knock- free performance to unleaded cars with a high-octane requirement. Many imported cars including turbo charged are designed to run on this higher RON fuel.

98 RON

98 RON is a high-octane unleaded fuel that maximizes engine power and performance, as well as producing less pollution. It is often used by some imported and high performance vehicles.
98 RON is promoted as providing excellent fuel economy, has a sulphur content which is 10 times lower than the national standard for unleaded fuels, and has low levels of benzene, sulphur and lower aromatics.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Day Spa for Your Car

Galmatic is excited to be stocking the premium car care product range Meguiars. Since 1901 Meguiars has been the number 1 choice for car enthusiasts around the world and is famous for creating a ‘best in class’ flawless finish for all car models, regardless of age!

Galmatic has put together some great car care packs to ensure that you are using products second to none on your gorgeous car!
Each pack comes in a beautiful Galmatic black calico tote bag and makes the perfect gift. With packs starting at just $20.00 there is sure to be the perfect one for you!


To celebrate the introduction of the Meguiars product range to Galmatic, we have a fabulous competition running. Everyone that purchases a Car Care pack in April goes into the running to win a gorgeous 24 piece mini tool kit, designed just for girls in an oh too cute pink pouch. Perfect to keep in the car boot, or at home for those last minute emergencies! Competition closes April 30th.

Car First Aid Kit

The Galmatic First Aid Kit is a must for the car glove box, for that little emergency like a small cut, to the unfortunate event of a car accident.
The kit comes in a red, hardwearing, zippered case embroided with a cross, immediately idetifying it as a First Aid Kit. This is perfect for strangers to easily find it in the case of an emergency. The kit contains everything that you will need for immediate roadside First Aid.
The Galmatic First Aid Car Kit is compiled by Trafalgar First Aid and complies with the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia and complies with the relevant Australian Standards where applicable.
Don't be caught in am emergency without one.

Friday, April 11, 2008

More Petrol for your Money

Fuel prices are a common topic in the media at the moment, so here are a few tips to help you minimise the amout of fuel you use and in turn maximise fuel efficiency, be kinder to the environment and save you money.

1. Make sure that you have the correct tyre pressure in your tyres. You can check this on your tyre placard which is most commonly located on the inside panel of the drivers door.

2. Do not carry excessive weight in your car. Keep your boot empty of things that you do not need.

3. Remove roof racks when not in use.

4. Keep your car serviced and change the oil regularly.

5. Accelerate at a moderate pace when you take off from the lights and drive consistently rather than accelerating and braking heavily

6. Use a higher Octane Petrol

Friday, April 4, 2008

Minimise Car Theft

As you know all carparks have those signs that say "park at own risk", but often we do not head the warning!

Here are a few tips to make your car less attractive to a car thief.

  1. Try to park close to other cars in the carpark, even if it means missing out on the shady spot in the corner of the carpark. A lone car is more open to being stolen.

  2. Keep your car clean on both the outside and inside. A washed car is less likely to be stolen.
    Always lock your car and take your keys.

  3. Do not leave anything in the car that is visible. THIS IS ESPECIALLY CRUCIAL IF YOU OWN A GPS. Remove all GPS holding devices from view. Thieves walk around looking for the circle imprint on windscreens and smash windows to find the GPS in the glove box.

  4. Money is a big draw card for thieves, do not leave any change in the console.
    If you are going to leave valuables in the boot of the car, put them in at home, not when you are already parked at your destination.

  5. If you have an alarm, remember to activate it.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Earth Hour

Created to take a stand against the greatest threat our planet has ever faced, Earth Hour uses the simple action of turning off the lights for one hour to deliver a powerful message about the need for action on global warming.

About Earth Hour

On March 31 2007, for one hour, Sydney made a powerful statement about the greatest contributor to global warming – coal-fired electricity – by turning off its lights. Over 2.2 million Sydney residents and over 2,100 businesses switched off, leading to a 10.2% energy reduction across the city. What began as one city taking a stand against global warming caught the attention of the world.
In 2008, 24 global cities will participate in Earth Hour at 8pm on March 29. Earth Hour is the highlight of a major campaign to encourage businesses, communities and individuals to take the simple steps needed to cut their emissions on an ongoing basis. It is about simple changes that will collectively make a difference – from businesses turning off their lights when their offices are empty, to households turning off appliances rather than leaving them on standby.

To find out more jump onto above information taken from the earth hour website

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Car Jacking

Carjacking is when someone from the outside opens a door to your car and either attempts to steal something, remove you from the car and or steal the car whilst you are in it.
Carjacking often happens when you are stopped at a set of lights, pedestrian crossing or stop sign.

To minimise the possibility of being a carjack victim:

• Whilst driving, don’t leave your bag sitting on the front passenger seat with your wallet and mobile phone spilling out inviting trouble. Keep your doors locked and your car as tidy as you can.
• Be careful where you park your car. Do not park in side streets that are poorly lit, empty car parks or any area that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe.
• Do not sit in your parked car for prolonged periods of time. Park your car and get out quickly. When returning to your car, especially at night, get in quickly, lock the doors and be on your way as soon as you can.
• Do not open your window or door to any strangers asking questions. Carjackers will often try to build trust with you before they rob you.
• Enjoy driving, but don’t party in the car, even if you’re at a set of lights or stuck in traffic. Always ensure that all of your passengers are sitting in a designated passenger seat and don’t let passengers put their feet on the dash. It is important to not have any body parts hanging out of the window, or roof if you have a convertible/sunroof. The more distracted you are the more vulnerable you are to carjacking.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Going for a drive this Long Weekend?

Are you planning a long drive this weekend? Bags all packed, map marked and activities all planned. Have you remembered to do a quick safety check over your car?

1. Don’t forget to make sure your Galmatic Handbook is filled out correctly and in your glove box. Chapter 2 is all about your quick car check.

2. Check your tyre pressure and review the ‘how to change a tyre’ step by step guide on pages 22-23 of your handbook. If you don’t have a copy of the Galmatic Handbook, download these pages straight from the Galmatic website

3. Fill your windscreen wiper fluid with water.

4. Check your oil (page 10 of Handbook), or check out our ‘Checking your Oil’ post.

5. Make sure the battery of your mobile phone is charged.

6. If you don’t have a First Aid Emergency Car Kit, pack a container with some bandaids, bandages, water, cotton buds, safety pins and antiseptic wipes, (all available from supermarkets or Chemists).

7. Make sure you have a street directory, maps of where you are going or if you have a Satellite Navigation double check that you have packed the car charger for it.

8. Have a fantastic drive, stay safe and remember to stop every 2 hours for a break.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Roundabouts - and how to use them!

I learn't to drive a long time ago, way before roundabouts became as popular as they are now. Because I run the Galmatic Car Care Workshops I need to keep up to date with new road rules, however what does the average driver do?
One of the tricky things to negotiate are roundabouts. The following information should help, especially if they weren't around when you started driving.

The roundabout sign means Slow Down, prepare to Give Way and if necessary stop to avoid a collision.

So, as you're approaching a roundabout, you must get into the correct lane, indicate if turning, and give way to traffic already on the roundabout.

Enter the roundabout when there is a safe gap in the traffic.
Giving way
Slow down as you approach a roundabout. You must give way to traffic already on the roundabout if there is a risk of collision. Enter the roundabout when there is a safe gap in the traffic.

When approaching a roundabout, if you are turning left or right, you must indicate left or right.
When exiting a roundabout, whether you are turning left, right or even going straight ahead, you must always indicate a left turn just before you exit, unless it is not practical to do so.

Single lane roundabouts
The rules for slowing down, giving way and indicating when approaching and exiting at roundabouts are the same for single lane and multi-lane roundabouts.

Cyclists and roundabouts
At roundabouts with two or more marked lanes or lines of traffic, a cyclist has the option of turning right by entering the roundabout from either left or right lanes. However, if the cyclist chooses to enter from the left lane, the cyclist must take care to give way to any vehicle leaving the roundabout.

Going left
1. Slow down and prepare to give way as you approach the roundabout.
2. On approach you must be in the left lane unless otherwise marked on the road, and indicate a left turn.
3. You must give way to traffic already on the roundabout if there is any risk of a collision.
4. Enter the roundabout when there is a safe gap in the traffic.
5. Stay in the left lane.
6. Keep your left indicator on until you have exited the roundabout.
Going right
1. Slow down and prepare to give way as you approach the roundabout.
2. On approach you must be in the right lane unless otherwise marked on the road, and indicate a right turn.
3. You must give way to traffic already on the roundabout if there is any risk of a collision.
4. Enter the roundabout when there is a safe gap in the traffic.
5. Stay in the right lane.
6. You must indicate a left turn just before your exit unless it is not practical to do so.
Going straight ahead
1. Slow down and prepare to give way as you approach the roundabout.
2. On approach you can be in either lane, unless otherwise marked on road.
3. When going straight ahead you do not need to indicate on approach.
4. You must give way to traffic already on the roundabout if there is any risk of collision.
5. Enter the roundabout when there is a safe gap in the traffic.
6. You must indicate a left turn just before you exit unless it is not practical to do so.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Our new Roadside Car Kit!

We have just added a great new product to the Galmatic range.
It is the perfect car kit for every girl to carry in her car to cover those little emergencies and urgencies that always seem to crop up!

As well as serious stuff, such as a thermal blanket, the kit contains deodorant, tampons, aromatherapy headache and stress remedy, lip conditioner, nail file, toothbrush and toothpaste, pencil, matches, breath mints and much more.

24 items packed in a gorgeous tin, perfect for those last minute sleep overs after too much champagne!

Don't even think about crusin' around without one in your car.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Blind Spots

What's a Blind spot?

One of the great things about driving an old car is that there are no sideview mirrors which means you definately look over your shoulder everytime!
Today I had a lady in a large SUV start to sway into my lane, oblivious to the fact that there was a car already there - me!
So ladies please be aware of the blind spot and don't just rely on using your mirrors.
The blind spot is the area of road and other vehicles that you can't see in any of your mirrors, which includes your revision mirror and your two sideview mirrors.
If you were the driver of the blue car, the light apricot colour is the area of vision that you would have from your side view mirrors. The darker shade of apricot is what you would see from the revision mirror.
Notice that part of the green car and almost the entire red car is out of vision range.
Minimise your blind spots by having your mirrors in the best position. When facing forward you should not see any of the side of your own car in your sideview mirrors.
Don't forget to check your mirrors every time you jump into your car, it only takes a minute!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Red lips

Every girl loves red lipstick, but it is so hard to find the perfect shade of red.
I wear Christian Dior in ‘Celebrity Red’ which is just divine for any girl with a warm tone skin type.

The perfect lipstick application:

1. Make sure your lips are nice and smooth by brushing them at night with a toothbrush to keep them exfoliated and follow with a good lip balm, I use Blistex.
2. Outline lips with a nice and sharp lip pencil in a complimentary shade of red, remembering not to go outside the natural lip line, as this might make your lipstick bleed.
3. Apply a good layer of lipstick with a lip brush to get the best application.
Enjoy the compliments!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Georgie in Space

Don't laugh, but as a cartoon character it is hard to meet other cartoon characters and real people for that matter. I have to wait for Miss Lizzy (my creator) to draw me out and about.
As you can imagine there are not many places that you can wear a pair of overalls!

Jump onto my myspace page and become one of my friends.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Your quick monthly check is essential

Checking your car engine oil is something that you should get into the habit of doing regularly and is best done with your monthly car check. Once a month when you are at the petrol station do a quick check over your car, it won't take long and will save you heaps of frustration further down the track.
1. Pop the bonnet open and find the dipstick. Wipe it clean and replace it back into the dipstick tube. Remove the dipstick again and check to see the level of oil. The words, or words similar to 'full' and 'add' are engraved onto the dipstick. It will indicate whether the car has a sufficient amount of oil. If the oil level is close to 'add' then your engine will need more oil. DO NOT ADD OIL INTO THE DIPSTICK TUBE.
2. If you have a new car, look for the yellow section indicated with an oil sign. Usually it is safe to add about a litre of oil. Usually an old car pre 1987 will need an oil change every 5000 kms and a new car will need one every 10 000kms.
3. Check to see that you have enough water in your windscreen wiper container and fill with water if neccesary.
4. Check to see the level of coolant in your 'water reservoir container'. If it is looking low, fill with coolant. New cars do not use water anymore.
5. Check your tyre pressure. Your tyre placard, usually on the side of the drivers door, will tell you what tyre pressure you need.

Jump onto the Galmatic website and download the easy step by step guide to cnaging a tyre.

With all the rain along come the spiders

Little Miss Muffet isn't the only one that gets frightened by spiders!
Why is it that spiders seem to love crawling across windscreens and always on the inside?
The poor things are just trying to get out of the rain and you will usually find them high up in the car, not down at your feet.
Tips to keep spiders at bay.
1. Spiders really dislike the scent of lemon, so the best thing you can do is to rub some lemon oil (essential lemon oil, not synthetic) onto a cloth and wipe down all of the rubber door seals of your car. Open the doors, wind down the windows and go around all of the edges.

2. Make a car freshener using a little lemon peel, (do not use the lemon flesh) a little lemon oil and some cloves. The car will smell delicious and the cloves will keep the moths away as well.
3. Try not to park near over hanging trees as spiders love them and do not leave your windows open, especially when parked in damp places.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

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