Saturday, February 16, 2008

With all the rain along come the spiders

Little Miss Muffet isn't the only one that gets frightened by spiders!
Why is it that spiders seem to love crawling across windscreens and always on the inside?
The poor things are just trying to get out of the rain and you will usually find them high up in the car, not down at your feet.
Tips to keep spiders at bay.
1. Spiders really dislike the scent of lemon, so the best thing you can do is to rub some lemon oil (essential lemon oil, not synthetic) onto a cloth and wipe down all of the rubber door seals of your car. Open the doors, wind down the windows and go around all of the edges.

2. Make a car freshener using a little lemon peel, (do not use the lemon flesh) a little lemon oil and some cloves. The car will smell delicious and the cloves will keep the moths away as well.
3. Try not to park near over hanging trees as spiders love them and do not leave your windows open, especially when parked in damp places.

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