Saturday, February 16, 2008

Your quick monthly check is essential

Checking your car engine oil is something that you should get into the habit of doing regularly and is best done with your monthly car check. Once a month when you are at the petrol station do a quick check over your car, it won't take long and will save you heaps of frustration further down the track.
1. Pop the bonnet open and find the dipstick. Wipe it clean and replace it back into the dipstick tube. Remove the dipstick again and check to see the level of oil. The words, or words similar to 'full' and 'add' are engraved onto the dipstick. It will indicate whether the car has a sufficient amount of oil. If the oil level is close to 'add' then your engine will need more oil. DO NOT ADD OIL INTO THE DIPSTICK TUBE.
2. If you have a new car, look for the yellow section indicated with an oil sign. Usually it is safe to add about a litre of oil. Usually an old car pre 1987 will need an oil change every 5000 kms and a new car will need one every 10 000kms.
3. Check to see that you have enough water in your windscreen wiper container and fill with water if neccesary.
4. Check to see the level of coolant in your 'water reservoir container'. If it is looking low, fill with coolant. New cars do not use water anymore.
5. Check your tyre pressure. Your tyre placard, usually on the side of the drivers door, will tell you what tyre pressure you need.

Jump onto the Galmatic website and download the easy step by step guide to cnaging a tyre.

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