Sunday, March 2, 2008

Blind Spots

What's a Blind spot?

One of the great things about driving an old car is that there are no sideview mirrors which means you definately look over your shoulder everytime!
Today I had a lady in a large SUV start to sway into my lane, oblivious to the fact that there was a car already there - me!
So ladies please be aware of the blind spot and don't just rely on using your mirrors.
The blind spot is the area of road and other vehicles that you can't see in any of your mirrors, which includes your revision mirror and your two sideview mirrors.
If you were the driver of the blue car, the light apricot colour is the area of vision that you would have from your side view mirrors. The darker shade of apricot is what you would see from the revision mirror.
Notice that part of the green car and almost the entire red car is out of vision range.
Minimise your blind spots by having your mirrors in the best position. When facing forward you should not see any of the side of your own car in your sideview mirrors.
Don't forget to check your mirrors every time you jump into your car, it only takes a minute!

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