Saturday, March 22, 2008

Car Jacking

Carjacking is when someone from the outside opens a door to your car and either attempts to steal something, remove you from the car and or steal the car whilst you are in it.
Carjacking often happens when you are stopped at a set of lights, pedestrian crossing or stop sign.

To minimise the possibility of being a carjack victim:

• Whilst driving, don’t leave your bag sitting on the front passenger seat with your wallet and mobile phone spilling out inviting trouble. Keep your doors locked and your car as tidy as you can.
• Be careful where you park your car. Do not park in side streets that are poorly lit, empty car parks or any area that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe.
• Do not sit in your parked car for prolonged periods of time. Park your car and get out quickly. When returning to your car, especially at night, get in quickly, lock the doors and be on your way as soon as you can.
• Do not open your window or door to any strangers asking questions. Carjackers will often try to build trust with you before they rob you.
• Enjoy driving, but don’t party in the car, even if you’re at a set of lights or stuck in traffic. Always ensure that all of your passengers are sitting in a designated passenger seat and don’t let passengers put their feet on the dash. It is important to not have any body parts hanging out of the window, or roof if you have a convertible/sunroof. The more distracted you are the more vulnerable you are to carjacking.

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