Friday, April 4, 2008

Minimise Car Theft

As you know all carparks have those signs that say "park at own risk", but often we do not head the warning!

Here are a few tips to make your car less attractive to a car thief.

  1. Try to park close to other cars in the carpark, even if it means missing out on the shady spot in the corner of the carpark. A lone car is more open to being stolen.

  2. Keep your car clean on both the outside and inside. A washed car is less likely to be stolen.
    Always lock your car and take your keys.

  3. Do not leave anything in the car that is visible. THIS IS ESPECIALLY CRUCIAL IF YOU OWN A GPS. Remove all GPS holding devices from view. Thieves walk around looking for the circle imprint on windscreens and smash windows to find the GPS in the glove box.

  4. Money is a big draw card for thieves, do not leave any change in the console.
    If you are going to leave valuables in the boot of the car, put them in at home, not when you are already parked at your destination.

  5. If you have an alarm, remember to activate it.

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