Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Which Unleaded Petrol do I use?

Unleaded Petrol (ULP) RON 91 - 93

Fuel (petrol) is your cars main source of food and it is always healthy to keep your car with at least a quarter of a tank of fuel.
When you’re at the service station you will notice that there are a few different fuel options to choose from.

The main two types of fuel are Regular unleaded and Premium unleaded.
In 1986 Unleaded petrol was introduced to enable new cars to operate with a device called a catalytic converter. This device was designed to help reduce car exhaust emissions.

The difference between Regular and Premium unleaded petrol is the research octane number (RON) of the petrol, which is the level of a fuels compression performance.
Premium unleaded has a higher RON and some new cars have a manufacturer’s recommendation to only use Premium unleaded.
Check your car manual to see which unleaded petrol is best for your car.

Unleaded Petrol has a RON of between 91 and 93.

Premium Unleaded Petrol (PULP) RON 95

PULP is a special blend of petrol designed to bring high octane, and hence high engine power, as well as knock- free performance to unleaded cars with a high-octane requirement. Many imported cars including turbo charged are designed to run on this higher RON fuel.

98 RON

98 RON is a high-octane unleaded fuel that maximizes engine power and performance, as well as producing less pollution. It is often used by some imported and high performance vehicles.
98 RON is promoted as providing excellent fuel economy, has a sulphur content which is 10 times lower than the national standard for unleaded fuels, and has low levels of benzene, sulphur and lower aromatics.

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