Friday, October 3, 2008

Are you a backseat Kisser?

Lots of kissing happens in cars. Lots of babies have been made in cars too!
Now you may think that you have the car smooch down pat; but it wouldn’t hurt to read on just in case you learn a trick or two.

Hot and steamy kissing in the car always fogs the windows, so remember to roll down an inch of each window; it will help your warm breath to escape from the car.

Always turn off the engine and put on the handbrake. Put the car into ‘Park’ if it’s automatic or into gear for a manual.
Invite your honey into the backseat where there is less chance of releasing the handbrake and catching body parts into the steering wheel.
Don’t park in secluded backstreets or deserted car parks. Yes you will have privacy, but so will anyone coming to rob you.
Lock the doors; it will stop nasty surprise guests.
Not going straight home after your raundevu? A smudged lipstick emergency kit is essential! Mints, tissues, wet ones, toothbrush are all a must. Grab the perfect pre-prepared kit from the Galmatic website: Car Kissing Kit.

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Gillette said...

Hi georgie,

just thought i would add that while convertibles can be fun they dont lend themselves to kissing in the back seat.. most these days dont have back seat..
In general the front seat is a little squashy with the roof on.. so pop the top and enjoy the thrill.. but yes be concious of security oh.. and peeping toms..