Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Keep your car fire safe

As the weeks start to heat up, fire awareness becomes a priority in Australia. We check the batteries in our home fire alarms, we have fire drills at work where the fire warden gets to wear their yellow fire hat and high - vis vest and we watch the devastation that bush fire causes on the news; we do not however always take simple precautions to safeguard our homes and cars.

For your car

  1. Smoking in a car is a fire hazard. Do not butt out cigarettes in the ashtray; rather keep a water bottle half filled with water in the car and throw your butts in there. The water will distinguish the butt, the lid will prevent any spillage and the bottle is then easy to dispose

  2. Do not keep petrol or other flammable liquids in the boot of the car

  3. If you park your car in a garage or under a carport, keep the gutters free of leaves and debris Keep a fire extinguisher in the car. You will need a dry chemical powder extinguisher as they are non conductive. Do not use water on an electrical/fuel fire. Extinguishers are available from hardware stores and car care stores and are safe to store in the car

  4. Keep a well stocked First Aid Kit in the car for any emergencies. We have a fabulous one that is perfect for the car or kitchen www.galmatic.com/products.html

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