Friday, October 3, 2008

Should I slam on the brakes?

You have probably heard of the acronym ABS, which stands for – Anti Lock Braking System, but do you know how to correctly use ABS brakes and what these brakes actually do?

ABS prevents your wheels from locking when you apply pressure to the brakes and prevents a car from skidding. The computer system senses if a wheel is about to skid and temporarily releases the brake pressure on the wheel. Brake pressure is reapplied until the wheel is about to skid again.

When you’re in an emergency situation in a car with ABS brakes; keep your foot hard on the pedal for as long as you need to miss the obstacle. The ABS will prevent you from skidding, the pedal will feel like it is pulsing lightly and the brakes will make a lot of noise.

As an ABS equipped car will not skid during emergency braking, the wheels continue to rotate, which means you can still steer; increasing your chances of missing the obstacle in front.

In normal braking conditions ABS work like ordinary brakes. Apply pressure smoothly, steadily increasing the force until you stop.

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