Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hot websites for Cool Chicks

As you can imagine Galmatic HQ is run by women, so of course we like to shop, gossip and buy things for our babies!Here are our favourite websites - happy browsing.
This retro style website is an online directory of beautiful online boutiques that stock clothes, gifts and special treasures. Saves you from doing the online search!
This site is edited by the former editor of Cosmopolitan magazine and is great for expert beauty advice and how-to tips for celebrity hair styles, makeup techniques, fashion show trends, hair care, skin care, fragrance.
Design and send beautiful online party invitations to your friends – this website is a free service and very environmentally friendly.
Big style for little people. This site has the cutest clothes and accessories for babies and kids. All the Galmatic babies get dressed here!
If you’re looking for gorgeous 1950’s retro style clothing, then this site is for you. All the rockabilly chicks in the office love these dresses. Very sexy femme fatale!

Silly Season Demerit Points

Yes it is that time of year on the roads again when double demerit points come into force.The Demerit Points Scheme is a national program that allocates penalty points (demerits) for a range of driving offences.
Drivers on a full c class license can accumulate 12 demerits over 3 years before license loss occurs. This year double points apply from:Friday 19th December 2008 to Sunday 4th January 2009.
Here is a list of the main offences, their fines and demerits.

Exceed speed limit 15km/h
6 points $486
Driver not wearing a seatbelt
6 points $486
Each passenger not wearing a seat belt
6 points $486
Drive using a hand held mobile phone
3 points $ 486
Make U-turn contrary to sign
2 points $189
Drive with a sound system emitting excessive sound
2 points $150

santa baby

Yes Santa Claus is coming and its our first birthday too - We have fabulous gifts for that girl in your life; sisters, girlfriends, daughters, mums and a gorgeous offer too!

Too many drinks over Christmas to drive home needn’t be a worry with the SmartGirl
Roadside Emergency Kit. The kit contains a 350ml bottle of spring water, premium aluminum free deodorant, tampons, aromatherapy headache and stress remedy and a lip conditioner.
All in all it contains 24 great products to cover any emergency or urgency that a girl may have (including breath mints and a Pink Lady chocolate heart for those extreme chocolate cravings) and it all comes packed in the coolest little tin lunch box.
We have a complimentry copy of the Galmatic Car Care Handbook all wrapped up for you with every SmartGirl Roadside Kit purchased in the month of December!

The Galmatic Handbook is perfect for anyone who has just learnt to drive, or perhaps for the girl that needs to know a little more about cars. It’s the glove box essential for any girl with a car.
Check out the
website for all our other car care products too.

Also - All Christmas orders will arrive in a black Galmatic cotton tote bag and wrapped in brown paper and string with a beautiful christmas card; very 1950’s. Simply type ‘Christmas’ in the comments box.
Happy Shopping!

Stay Sun Smart

As the summer heat sets in we start thinking about sun care and using sunscreen with high SPF.
Sun creams work to either absorb or reflect UV rays. Make sure you wear a broad-spectrum cream that protects you from both UVA and UVB rays.

UVA rays – cause photo ageing of the skin, or what we commonly call pre mature ageing which is dark spots, loss of elasticity and wrinkles. UVA rays can penetrate cloud and go deep into the Dermis of the skin (where your collagen is).
UVB rays – cause sun tan and burn, cannot penetrate cloud and do not go through to the Dermis.

Your car needs sun protection too. Both the tyres and paintwork discolour and crack.

For your tyres

Tyre colour care products come in a variety of formulations.
They are designed to intensify the colour of your tyres and some also work to prevent browning, cracking and tyre premature ageing.
Tyre colour care products also help to protect tyres from environmental damage, especially UV, much like SPF products work to protect your skin. The most common products are tyre paint or tyre foam.
Tyre paint (always black) comes in a tin, just like house paint and needs to be applied with a paintbrush. This is the most labour intensive way to blacken your tyres, but it will certainly leave a wonderful finish.

For your paintwork

Car waxes are like moisturisers for your car and work as a protective barrier for your cars skin to fight off free radicals and especially protect your cars paint from UV damage and salt air.
Waxing your car
You wax your car the same way that you polish it, with the only difference being in the removal process. You do not remove the wax completely as you want to leave behind a protective coating.
1. Apply wax with a clean cloth.
2. Rub the wax onto the paint in small circular motions.
3. Remove the wax with a separate clean cloth leaving a light coat.
4. Move onto the next section. Try to concentrate on one panel at a time just like polishing.
The paintwork will be very shiny when you have finished!
We stock premium
Meguiars car care products – the perfect anti ageing skincare for your car!