Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Days of the Thunder - Col Trickle - real or imaginary?

I couldn't help myself as 'Days of Thunder' started the other the night. It was the late movie and I heard the sounds of Daytona as I was lingering in the other room.

I was getting ready for the next days workshop and before I knew it, there I was watching Col Trickle cruising onto the race track in those tight jeans; ready to rule the track.

Apart from the reminiscence back to my youth (yes old enough to have seen it at the movies) it made me think - how far do the Col Trickles of the world make it? Is passion, charisma and sheer determination enough?

If you haven't seen the movie, it's where Kidman met her Mr Cruise.
Trickle is one hell of a driver ready to take on Nascar racing (which he has no experience in) and as the rookie spends the 1st half of the movie driving with conviction, passion and a lust to win, (but never manages to finish a race.

At this point you find out that he has no car knowledge; no idea how a car works at all - just adrenalin and the thrill of speed in his veins.

No need to add that of course there are many life lessons along the way and many victories (it is a Tom Cruise movie from the 1980's); but in life, is just the drive enough?

Why do we love these movies?

At our workshops - the ones we have the most fun with are when we have a bunch of girls who love driving; windows open, music pumping - looking like Pink in the Get the Party started video. Their knowledge is usually close to zero but their enthusiasm is 100%.

Do you have a project you need to get off the ground? Hire out Days of Thunder - you might just get the cruise you need.

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