Thursday, January 8, 2009

Eyes Wide Shut

A clear view from your front and rear screens and all other windows in your car is essential; especially during times of poor visibility such as dawn, dusk, rain and fog.

When does the windscreen need to be replaced?
Ideally windscreens should be scratch and chip free, however there are certain rules pertaining to the condition of your windscreen.
In NSW your vehicle is only allowed a maximum of two of the following defects within the driver’s side of the front windscreen extending to the centre of the windscreen.

A hairline crack up to 30mm long
A crack that starts from the edge of the windscreen in wards up to 75mm long
A ‘bull’s-eye’ crack up to 16 mm in diameter (that’s the one that looks like a gunshot)

My 1958 Holden still has the original windscreen and paint (poor love is begging for a little face lift), so with care windscreens are good for years.

Outside windows – keep the wiper blades soft, like all rubber things they deteriorate quickly in the elements so change them often (yearly if you remember). You can wait for your next service, however Repco have a great deal at the moment where they will fit the wipers for free if you buy a new pair from them.
Old wipers will scratch the windscreen as will turning them on when the windscreen is filthy. Make sure you turn the wiper fluid on first. With an old car like mine, you have to poor the water on by hand!
Inside and Out - You have probably heard that newspaper is the best for cleaning glass as it is lint free, however awful on the hands. We use cloth nappies at our garage – brings the windows up a treat and no news print!

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