Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Negotiating the School Car Park

Week two of being a ‘school mum’ and the school drop off and pick up ordeal has opened my eyes to some of the amazingly stupid things people do in car parks; especially when there are little people around.
What is it that makes people who otherwise would do anything to keep their kids safe, go crazy when they jump behind the wheel of a car in a school car park?
There are too many cars, not enough spaces and then the ‘kiss and drop’ section to negotiate.

The tips I have worked out so far are:
§ Get to school 10 mins earlier (if you can) than most of the parents. You will find a car spot and it’s a good chance to breathe and have some thinking time
§ Do not park in no standing/stopping areas, it makes it stressful for all the other drivers around you
§ Only cross at the designated areas, even if it means walking a little further
§ Hold your child’s hand and explain to them why crossing the road and walking through car parks is dangerous and why it is important to follow the rules
§ If children go to do something dangerous don’t scream at them (even though it is very tempting). Rather come down to their eye level and explain why road safety is so important. It is crucial to build children’s awareness about cars from an early age and not to have them associate anger with cars and driving
§ Look around you before you reverse or move the car in any direction. Check all blind spots and reverse slowly

Would love to hear any tips that you have.

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Melanie Hughes said...

I'd say open, save and print this document and stick it under every windscreen wiper on the way to drop off your little one : )