Sunday, February 1, 2009

Theft in Car Park

There I was at the Wiggles concert, clapping and singing, and outside in the RSL car park someone was stealing the fog lights from my car!
They pried off the bumper bar and took out the lights, including wiring, right there in the middle of the outdoor car park. Bumper bar back on they took off, fog lights in hand.
So there the car is looking quite nude and vulnerable and I think how much would new lights cost? Why would you bother stealing them?
$150.00 per light! That’s why.
I’d like to tell them to go fog themselves.
Oh and don’t be fooled, Wiggles concert doesn’t mean a child friendly car park!

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Melanie Hughes said...

My Volkswagen was 'badged' in Canberra. Could hardly believe why anyone would want to badge a Volkswagen but there you go.

The worst of it is even if someone saw you theft happening they probably would not have said anything for fear of being assulted by a wierdo. SOmetimes theworld is a sad place