Monday, March 23, 2009

Save Money - Wash your car

Living in an apartment meant that washing my car had long been a thing of the past. My gorgeous brother, a car detailer had taken over the job and was giving my car a weekly bath. As you can imagine with a car detailer in the family I had become a little spoilt, so when he went away for 2 weeks, it was time again to venture into the land of the car wash café.

I know it’s only $35.00, but please is a little service too much to ask? The board was so far away that I had no idea what I was getting for my money. I had chosen the 2nd cheapest package, mainly because I couldn’t cope with the smell of the detailer armpits leaning into my window and had to make a quick decision.

The whole event took 1 hour and 20 mins and after the most disgusting hot chocolate I have ever had my beeper vibrated to alert me to the half arsed job that had been done on my car. And why do they never put the sun shades back onto the window? Is it really too much effort? I realised that next time I would just wait for my brother and forget the café.

With the recent rains and the easing of water restrictions, it makes economic sense to start washing your car again! At $35.00 per wash, a weekly visit to the carwash café will cost you $1820.00 a year.

They rarely do a great job and the coffee is usually awful. A weekly wash will keep you fit, enjoying the outdoors and the excess water can be splashed onto the grass.

Grab a Galmatic Day Spa Pack. It is filled with premium Meguiars products and all comes in an oh too cute black Galmatic Tote bag.
The ultimate Car Care Pack to make sure that your car looks show finish all year round.

Pack includes:

1 x Meguairs Soft Wash Gel

1 x Meguairs Lamb’s wool Wash Mitt

1 x Meguairs Hot Shine Tyre Foam

1 x Meguairs Quik Interior Detailer

1 x Meguairs Deep Crystal Wet Look (polish)

1 x Meguairs Microwipe Super ­ Glide Chamois

1 x Galmatic calico bag

Grab a copy of the Galmatic Car Care Handbook for Girls for the best chapter on detailing your Car – We call it ‘Day Spa for your Car’

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