Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sunglasses to drive with

I have 2 cars, both Holden’s and about 50 years apart in age. My work car is a Holden Commodore, silver, tinted windows and related to so many of the other commodores on the road. You wouldn’t notice it and in turn no one notices me driving either.

My driving car, the one I cruise around in on my own, is a 1958 FC Holden. Black, fat and very cool.
In it I definitely get noticed and so do my sunglasses.

Red pinstripe crown Sunglasses of course; to match my celebrity red Dior lipstick.
How do I then take a photo of myself with red sunnies on? Easy, take a photo of my neighbor Bronte wearing them!

Look around and see how many drivers don’t wear sunnies whilst driving. Crazy! They help block glare and minimize UV damage to your eyes. Don’t forget the front windscreen is not tinted and glass can magnify UV glare by up to 70%!

Do you wear sunglasses to drive?

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