Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Moonshine Deluxe - Cool Retro Crown Sunglasses

Unleash the 1950’s kitten in you with our cool sunglasses.
Custom designed in the US, Crown Sunglasses combine retro styling with 100% UV protection.

These frames are handmade and feature double hinges.
With names like Fetish Deluxe and Chica Boom, you will need more than one pair!

Moonshine Deluxe

These sunglasses are seriously cool. Stand out from the crowd with a little retro style. 1960’s glamour mixed with a modern twist.

Available in Cool Cobalt Blue

§ 100% UV protection
§ Glass lenses
§ Custom handmade frames
§ Built tough with dual hinges
Grab a pair from www.galmatic.com

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