Sunday, April 5, 2009

Do you do lunch with your Agent?

Writing and the trials of being an author have been captured on the big and small screen countless times. Ripped sheets of blank paper out of type writers, waste paper baskets overflowing with lamented words, unpaid bills, countless cigarettes and solitary work burning the midnight oil. So much Film Noir is based on the tortured narrator author.

The other extreme is the modern portrayal of the author – agent relationship. Long lunches, glasses of wine and closer than close relationships. It began with us wondering whether Carrie really could afford an apartment in New York and that wardrobe writing one article a week (and one novel through the entire series); in every authors dream, can I have her agent please!

Maron First from the short lived ‘Men in Trees’ had her agent follow her all the way to Alaska and both met gorgeous men. One novel published.

Hank Moody would have to take the cake for having the ultimate author agent relationship; he and Charlie shared countless meals, hangovers and lots of women. The only thing they didn’t do was publish a novel.

So, with my book self published in Australia and with a new agent in the States for US publication – here’s to long lunches!

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