Thursday, April 2, 2009

To wrap or not wrap

As you can imagine, people assume that my car will always be squeaky clean; after all I run car care workshops for girls. It has become one more OCD. Can I go out today to that event? Is the car clean enough? Friend’s houses are OK. With two kids, my car is always cleaner than my friends who have kids, but at school drop off, meetings and of course workshops I break out into a fever.

The weekly clean doesn’t seem often enough. Should I give her a chamois – just in case? What if someone asks me what I do and then sees a little dirt on the bonnet? I remember the days when a little mud down low was a token of cool.

I am now in the quandary of getting a car wrap for the car. Will this only heighten my need to keep it clean? After all, the silver car is the Galmatic daily cruiser; shopping, little kids, chores and errands.

The car wrap is going to have a huge Georgie and Galmatic logo. I’m not sure how much of it is my brand awareness campaign in full swing, and how much is the Euro trash side coming out. It is a Holden Commodore, lowered and with a spoiler.

Hey the 32 Model T in the Garage makes up for it, as does my little 1985 FC Holden.
To clean or not to clean – back to wrap design for me. Branding or Euro roots; wrap I will!

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