Friday, May 1, 2009

Work from home?

After 20 years of working shift work, travelling, standing on my legs and spending hours and hours on the road, I was over the moon when I started Galmatic – at long last I could have a home office. No more wasted hours in traffic, corporate dress, travelling that I didn’t organise myself and the enjoyment of being able to organise my working surroundings.
It never occurred to me that I would be ‘sized’ by people. To me it is common sense to minimize rental costs – it means you’re not passing these costs onto your customers; it’s better for the environment and means that I can also participate in my children’s school life.

Some people use virtual offices and assistants. Our trainers do all of their office work from home, we conduct our training at various locations and use specialty contractors for all of our marketing and design work.

So do you size a business by its office? Does working from home or having a home office put you off dealing with a business or do you enjoy working with businesses that provide flexible working environments for their staff?

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