Wednesday, June 17, 2009

When does an interest in cars start?

My 3 year old little girl has a fair insight into cars, for both her age and the fact that she is a little girl. She is very happy that her mum can work from home and quite confidently tells people that her mama runs car care workshops for girls. She enjoys the Galmatic cartoon which is of Georgie showing a blond boy how to change a tyre - which she claims is Mama and Dada and feels quite comfortable with spanners and car parts lying around the office and garage.

She was given her Dad's 1970's matchbox cars and happily watches him as he works on his 1930 Hot Rod in the garage.

So you could say that she has been introduced to cars from an early age, mixed with barbie and lots of craft - but it was the Polly pockets cars at the supermarket that got her the most excited.

4 glossy convertibles all with a little Polly and friends inside, (the size that needs adult intervention)! and one simple texta drawn map, on pink cardboard and she was amused for a whole afternoon.

Seat belts were a must and she stopped at the lights and gave way to other Polly pocket cars. She even drove on the correct side of the road, which led me to think - would we have a stronger and more prominent car culture amongst women if we were more active in introducing them to cars at an earlier age?
Would more girls enjoy cars if we bought them car toys - providing them with the same opportunity that we do boys to explore the adventures of cars and driving?

Did you have toy cars when you were young? Were they yours or your brothers?

Monday, June 1, 2009

The right position

One of our workshop trainers Jacey is a qualified chiropractor (yes we all have great posture at Galmatic HQ) and has put together an article for us about the perfect seating position for optimum back care. Perfect for long hours in the car (and at the office desk)!

We all know we need to look after our backs when we lift heaving things, but we don’t tend to think too much about our backs when we are driving to the shops or heading out to see our friends. Unfortunately when it comes to the health of our backs, it’s not just the big things that count, the small repetitive things that can sometimes take the greatest toll.
Why is the perfect position so important?
The perfect position is not only important to ensure you are able to operate the vehicle safely, it is also essential to look after your back for the long term.
Your back has been designed to absorb daily shocks and vibrations. Similar to a good set of party feet for your high heels, the spongy discs between each vertebra provide specific level shock absorbance. During the day they do lose their water content thus decreasing their ability to do their job. As the discs do not have a direct blood supply, they need constant movement to stay plump and happy. Sitting in a car all day does not provide adequate movement for your back. The second way your back provides support is via the inward lumbar curve of your lower back. This curve acts similar to a large spring. When we sit in the car, it is very easy to allow our inward curve to straighten, thus losing its ability to spring.
By following these simple points you will ensure that your back is looked after and it can continue supporting you!
· When you get into your car, remember to readjust your seat EVERY time, as your posture will change throughout the day
· Ensure you are seated in the centre of seat with your bottom pushed back in the seat.
· Move the seat forward so your wrists can rest on the top of the steering wheel and your hips are at 90 degrees.
· In newer cars, adjust the lumbar support to ensure you maintain your lumbar curve. If your car does not have an adjustable lumbar support, there are specific products that you can purchase or you can use a rolled up towel to offer support.
· If you are driving for an extended period of time, do get out and walk, move and stretch.
· Keep hydrated.
· Try and keep your stomach muscles switched on.