Wednesday, June 17, 2009

When does an interest in cars start?

My 3 year old little girl has a fair insight into cars, for both her age and the fact that she is a little girl. She is very happy that her mum can work from home and quite confidently tells people that her mama runs car care workshops for girls. She enjoys the Galmatic cartoon which is of Georgie showing a blond boy how to change a tyre - which she claims is Mama and Dada and feels quite comfortable with spanners and car parts lying around the office and garage.

She was given her Dad's 1970's matchbox cars and happily watches him as he works on his 1930 Hot Rod in the garage.

So you could say that she has been introduced to cars from an early age, mixed with barbie and lots of craft - but it was the Polly pockets cars at the supermarket that got her the most excited.

4 glossy convertibles all with a little Polly and friends inside, (the size that needs adult intervention)! and one simple texta drawn map, on pink cardboard and she was amused for a whole afternoon.

Seat belts were a must and she stopped at the lights and gave way to other Polly pocket cars. She even drove on the correct side of the road, which led me to think - would we have a stronger and more prominent car culture amongst women if we were more active in introducing them to cars at an earlier age?
Would more girls enjoy cars if we bought them car toys - providing them with the same opportunity that we do boys to explore the adventures of cars and driving?

Did you have toy cars when you were young? Were they yours or your brothers?


Jacey said...

For me it was in primary school. I preferred to play with the mini micro machines with the boys then the girly games! Mind you I did dig out garages (houses) for them and we went on road trips (visiting).

anna said...

Absolutely..... yes i remember the MiniMicro Machines they were my Favourite, & when a Fast Food Chain- Not mentioning names brought out the Muppets Characters figurines all in mini Cars i adored these also... & really have a very Strong Memory of the Colour & shapes of all the Figurines & Cars...WOW!!!!