Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ladies be a pin up for a day

This Saturday 03 October 2009 the girls can look like a glamour gal – and help young girls reach their goals by helping the Layne Beachley Aim For The Stars Foundation.

Dee Why beach is hosting the Beachley Ladies Surf Classic - down by the Surf Club, girls will be having a ball being dolled up like 1950’s glamour gals and getting their photo taken with a pink hotrod!

The $5.00 donation will go to the Aim For The Stars Foundation.
Enjoy a day by the beach, look like a glamour queen and help young women to aim for the stars.

More about Us:
Galmatic – Is Australia’s premier pit stop for car care workshops and car products for women. Galmatic is run by local Narrabeen business woman and mother of two Eleni Mitakos.
Our Control Your Car defensive driving course is just for the girls and gets them behind the wheel of their own car, on a race track, under controlled conditions - to experience safe car handling in hazardous conditions.
Aim For The Stars
“Dare to Dream, Pursue their Passion and Aspire to Achieve".
The foundation is about Encompassing academic, sport, cultural and community pursuits, Aim for the Stars offers ambitious and dedicated females an opportunity to receive financial and moral support to help them achieve their goals.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Defensive Driver Training for Women

Calling All Girl Racers Galmatic has been running car care workshops for women for 2 years now and so many women have been enjoying getting to know the car - and for some even popping the bonnet for the first time.We have been asked frequently over the last year or so about Defensive driver Training - so we could have a better control of the car they now new a little about.We are very excited to have partnered up with Driver Skills Australia to offer full day courses Australia wide. Not sure what defensive driving is? Well...Do you know how speed, wet roads and risk taking effects the way both you and your car react on the road?
Ever practiced emergency stopping?
Know how to control your car in dangerous conditions?
Launching the new Galmatic Defensive Driver Training Course

‘Control Your Car’
This 1 day course is fun, action packed and informative
A must for all drivers – enjoy this informative gals only course
Workshops are run Australia wide
Just girls, their cars and the race track!
Click below for more info on your nearest course
Eastern Creek ● Mount Cotton ● Springvale
Hurry places filling fast!

How to write a Blog

When I started the Galmatic blog - I used the 'voice' of our cartoon mascot Georgie. I did this because I have never been a diary writer and thought that a cartoon character could get away with saying more cheeky and opinionated things without offending anyone.

As the blog has evolved, I at some point turned into 'me', without intending to and have actually found writing for the blog a lot easier.

For me the hardest thing about keeping a blog is that I wasn't sure who would be reading it, so over the last few months have tried to just enjoy the writing process and not think about the intended reader.

I really enjoyed Mia's blog video where she talks about her experience writing her blog (below).

Have you found it tricky starting your blog and were you a diary writer before?

Untitled from Mamamia on Vimeo.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Love the Beast

I watched Eric Bana’s documentary ‘Love the Beast’ today. It covers his lifelong passion for car racing and his childhood car, a Ford falcon XB Coupe.
I sat down to watch what I thought would be a film about car racing – and found that I was drawn in on several levels and really enjoyed the film.
It delves beautifully into the bond of friendship and family and how a vehicle can be the ‘campfire’ that bonds young men.
The thing that struck me the most about the film is how it made me think about what do young women do as teenagers? Do we have a similar pass time that can bond us like working on, learning about and experimenting with cars does for boys?
The car for a young man can be such a passage of freedom – an escape and also an awakening. It provides them with both a knowledge and passion for cars that allows them to understand them and not fear them. On the whole women do not have this same freedom.
‘Love the Beast’ – beautifully ties in the intimate relationship a young man can develop with his car and by the end of the film, the viewer too feels a bond with Eric’s red beast.
As a man he enjoys the thrill of racing and the documentary has an interview/conversation with Dr Phill and Eric. Dr Phill explains the need people have for a hobby – a love/passion for something other than the chores and work tasks that we do for income. Again what struck me was how frequently women fall out of this category. Eric in the film has the ability to pursue his dream- even as the father of two. How many women who work and have young families have the luxury of pursuing a hobby with the intensity of car racing?
A beautiful film – that made me think. Perhaps Galmatic can help to create a car culture amongst young women, so in time they too can love the beast.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Famous movie cars

At our recent crew training day - we ran through the famous car scenes that we could think of from movies. Every one's answers were very interesting and showed each of our personalities very clearly.
So did what we remembered of these movies and of course our ages played a major role.

Here are our top 5 car scenes/videos/car favourites. We collated and then averaged out our answers.
Would love to hear what yours are and what do you think they say about you?

1. Ah we have all seen Back to the future - the DeLorean, who wouldn't want one.

2. The General Lee - We argued over whether to go the original movie for this - but Miss bikini won! And yes all our crew are women! But I couldn't help myself - the below version has the man in black Mr Cash singing.

3. Think you know the words to this one? Go to our Greased Lightning post and test yourself

4. Ms Jole, Mr Cage and yes the eternal unicorn of car's Eleanor. From the movie Gone in 60 seconds, Eleanor is a 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby - most famous quote "Go baby Go".

5. We couldn't work out who won this one, Kitt or The Hoff - a Knight Rider classic!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Know Your Car Girls

It's so much fun teaching our 'Know Your Car' workshops for women.
It feels like years since I have taught a class - 15 years of dance teaching leaves you with a few tricks up your sleeve!

No video can show you how much fun we have at one of our workshops - but it will give you a snippet!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Yummy yummy crap in my tummy

Why is it that long days that end with long car trips always seem to lead to terrible junk food?
Sunday was a fun day at the Rat Rod Day - working in the nice Spring sun and with two little people in tow, the inevitable golden arches glowed enticingly on the hour drive home.

Why is it that the link between cruising and junk food is so strong? How many car trips can you recall with a stop at McDonalds or greasy food from the petrol station?
Why don't we pack cut fruit, cucumbers and carrot sticks in advance?

Has anyone done a study on Maccas and road trips? Is there perhaps another documentary here to make?

Perhaps someone will invent 'healthy drive through' and call it Road trip diner!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

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