Thursday, September 24, 2009

How to write a Blog

When I started the Galmatic blog - I used the 'voice' of our cartoon mascot Georgie. I did this because I have never been a diary writer and thought that a cartoon character could get away with saying more cheeky and opinionated things without offending anyone.

As the blog has evolved, I at some point turned into 'me', without intending to and have actually found writing for the blog a lot easier.

For me the hardest thing about keeping a blog is that I wasn't sure who would be reading it, so over the last few months have tried to just enjoy the writing process and not think about the intended reader.

I really enjoyed Mia's blog video where she talks about her experience writing her blog (below).

Have you found it tricky starting your blog and were you a diary writer before?

Untitled from Mamamia on Vimeo.

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