Saturday, September 12, 2009

Love the Beast

I watched Eric Bana’s documentary ‘Love the Beast’ today. It covers his lifelong passion for car racing and his childhood car, a Ford falcon XB Coupe.
I sat down to watch what I thought would be a film about car racing – and found that I was drawn in on several levels and really enjoyed the film.
It delves beautifully into the bond of friendship and family and how a vehicle can be the ‘campfire’ that bonds young men.
The thing that struck me the most about the film is how it made me think about what do young women do as teenagers? Do we have a similar pass time that can bond us like working on, learning about and experimenting with cars does for boys?
The car for a young man can be such a passage of freedom – an escape and also an awakening. It provides them with both a knowledge and passion for cars that allows them to understand them and not fear them. On the whole women do not have this same freedom.
‘Love the Beast’ – beautifully ties in the intimate relationship a young man can develop with his car and by the end of the film, the viewer too feels a bond with Eric’s red beast.
As a man he enjoys the thrill of racing and the documentary has an interview/conversation with Dr Phill and Eric. Dr Phill explains the need people have for a hobby – a love/passion for something other than the chores and work tasks that we do for income. Again what struck me was how frequently women fall out of this category. Eric in the film has the ability to pursue his dream- even as the father of two. How many women who work and have young families have the luxury of pursuing a hobby with the intensity of car racing?
A beautiful film – that made me think. Perhaps Galmatic can help to create a car culture amongst young women, so in time they too can love the beast.

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