Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Yummy yummy crap in my tummy

Why is it that long days that end with long car trips always seem to lead to terrible junk food?
Sunday was a fun day at the Rat Rod Day - working in the nice Spring sun and with two little people in tow, the inevitable golden arches glowed enticingly on the hour drive home.

Why is it that the link between cruising and junk food is so strong? How many car trips can you recall with a stop at McDonalds or greasy food from the petrol station?
Why don't we pack cut fruit, cucumbers and carrot sticks in advance?

Has anyone done a study on Maccas and road trips? Is there perhaps another documentary here to make?

Perhaps someone will invent 'healthy drive through' and call it Road trip diner!

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Melanie Hughes said...

What a nerve you've struck! It's true, road trips do you lead you to eat more crap than usual. I know I do especially on long drives for work. I found this website that gives hints about staying healthy on road trips you might find interesting.