Friday, October 9, 2009

Go gaga for Go Go dancing

Moment of truth on Saturday when I tried to slip into last year’s swimming costume – where did the winter blubber come from? “How did this happen” I asked?
Well I retired as a dancer, stopped rowing and fell pregnant all in the same year – but the disappointment was none the less the same!
Do I really want to start social dancing again just to lose those extra kilos? And then whilst sitting on the couch (yes I know) I saw the sexy Anna on ‘Are you smarter than a 5th grader’.

Anna teaches Go-Go dancing! How delicious, so I couldn’t help myself, I had to ask her all about it!
Now for all you retro gals who like to shake it – you’re going to love Anna's Go-Go Academy
We spoke to Anna about the new (but old) craze sweeping the dance floor.

Anna what is Go-Go dancing?
Go-go was the number one dance style of the 60s, and now its back and more fun than ever! Dances range from The Monkey to The Boogaloo and The Pony,
Go-go dancing is high-energy and is a great way to lose weight, but most of all its great fun!
Anna’s students learn the exciting art of go-go dancing in a fun and social environment (with a licensed bar!). No dance experience is necessary, and in every class, students learn a range of fun moves they can use straight away on the dance floor.

How long have you been teaching for?
I have been running my Go-Go Academy in Melbourne for 5 years, and will soon be adding more classes to the schedule. I am currently on a mission to amass a go-go army.

What is it about Go-Go dancing that makes you gaga?
Go-go dancing is high-energy and is a great way to lose weight, but most of all its great fun! Bring your mates! Bring your mum! Do the Pulp Fiction, The Pony and The Ski at your next party and impress your friends with your knowledge of these classic and exciting moves!

And your car Anna?
In between classes I love driving my 1964 AMC Rambler Classic sedan (V8 of course, vroom!),

Check out Anna’s Go-Go Academy and her gorgeous burlesque troupe Hi Ball Burlesque

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