Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fire Warning – in this heat cars need water too

In NSW and parts of VIC we are have been issued with the catastrophic fire danger warning. Clever people clean their gutters, trim back trees and sweep away debris. They bring pets inside where it is cool and water the plants. The car however often gets forgotten during a heat wave.
No your car will not cry or whimper in the heat, but yes it does get thirsty and hot and a hot cat that overheats on a hot day on the freeway can be a nightmare.

All it takes girls is a quick check and you will stay cruising cool this summer.
1. Pop the bonnet
2. Look around for the water reservoir (don’t remove the radiator cap)
3. Fill the water reservoir with coolant, you can purchase this from any service station or even cheaper at automotive stores
4. Fill the windscreen wiper container with water
5. Check the air in your tyres and pump them up to the recommended pressure. You can find this info on the tyre placard which is usually on the inside of the driver’s door
6. Avoid sitting in traffic if you can (yeah like we do it on purpose I hear you say)!

And remember days at the beach are fun, but don’t forget to wash your car. Salt is the ultimate ageing factor for your car.

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