Monday, November 1, 2010

Teaching Children Road Safety

At Galmatic we have a strong belief that education is the key to making drivers safer and more skilled on our roads.
So when is it the right time to teach young drivers basic road rules?
As mums, the Galmatic trainers know that driver training stats from a baby’s first trip in the car home from hospital. Every trip a child takes helps them to build a lifetime of driving habits.

We were very excited to hear of a program designed to teach primary school children all about road rules and pedestrian safety.
We spoke to Sonia Hawkins from RAPS about their school program.

Sonia, what are the programs run by RAPS all about?
While Pedestrian deaths make up 20% of all road accidents, about 95% are caused by the drivers. RAPS are committed to educating children about these potential dangers on the road. We provide awareness to school age children of the danger of being a pedestrian and educate them how to remain safe. Prevention is our number one priority, and our hands on program enables children to be more aware of these dangers, while having fun at the same time.

How does the RAPS program work?
RAPS for Kids is committed to the promotion of pedestrian safety for school aged children by fostering awareness of the dangers of being a pedestrian and giving direction to becoming and remaining safe pedestrians. RAPS for kids is a mobile traffic course consisting of a pedestrian crossing with operational traffic signals, 'children crossing' flags and 'lollypop' pedestrian crossing signs. The mobile unit also involves the use of mini cars to simulate 'real' traffic conditions for the children. Each child will have the opportunity to participate as a pedestrian, traffic controller and as a driver.

So if your kids are at primary school make sure you get this fabulous program to come your local primary school. You can contact Sonia via the RAPS website.

And a Big Thanks To You!

Ever forgotten about a friend or relatives birthday and suddenly needed a gift for them…… But couldn’t get away from the kids or your desk? And now with Christmas around the corner, what to do!??? Well the answer to these dilemmas could come in the form of a website called, which, with almost 2000 Australia wide gift experiences to choose from, is fast becoming the largest experience gift website in Australia. Chief BigThanker (cockney rhyming pun intended) Stuart Norman tells us more.

BigThanks. Strange name. Tell us how you came up with it.
Well, the original name for the website was going to be SEAL, as in SEa, Air and Land Adventures. We ripped off the name from the American Special Forces Navy SEALs. We had this silly logo with a stupid seal waving in the background and it just started looking really corny, so we binned the whole idea. Then one day one of our directors said he needed to “give one his staff a big thanks” and the penny just dropped. We had our new name! We do tend to have to spell our name out to people over the phone though. We’ve been mistakenly called everything from “Big Tanks”, “Big Fangs”, “Big Tans”…….

Do you have any competitions running at the moment that we can share with our Galmatic members?
As a matter of fact yes we do! Here at BigThanks we aren’t above buying friends. So until the end of December we will be running our “$100 for 100 Friends” prize giveaway. For every 100 Facebook friends we have we will give away a $100 BigThanks gift voucher that can be used to purchase any of the 2000 gift experiences we have across Australia. To get involved simply visit our BigThanks Facebook Page Here and press the “Like” button. We also ask all of our Facebook Friends to suggest us to their friends to keep the ball rolling.

And like we ask all our Galmatic friends, what is your dream car?
Well I am a huge motorsport fan and I am known to some of my friends as a bit of a car snob. I’ve currently got a Nissan GTR and a heavily modified Datsun 260Z that I play around with at track days and tarmac rallies. But I guess my dream car would be something like a Porsche 997 GT3 RS. The new Ferrari 458 seems nice too. But if I was to have to pick something practical then it would have to be a BMW M3. Supercar performance with 4 seats!

In terms of vintage cars though I’d really like a nice 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback one day!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tips For Driving In The Rain

What makes driving in the rain more dangerous?
A wet road causes your tyres to lose traction, making skidding more likely, especially when braking. It is also harder to see the road ahead of you as visibility is decreased and your headlights appear dimmer.It also seems that all the crazy drivers seem to come out in the wet weather too!
Tips for safer driving
* Do not use cruise control in the wet. Your foot will be away from the pedals, your focus will not be on braking and accelerating and if you start to skid the car may actually accelerate.
* Be extremely careful if it hasn’t rained in quite some time. Engine oil and petrol can build up overtime. The first few hours of rain are the most dangerous, as continuous rainfall will eventually wash away the oil.
* Don’t attempt to cross running water, try an alternate route or turn around and go back the way you came.
* After you cross a puddle, tap on your brake pedal lightly to dry off some of the water on your rotors.
* Don’t follow the car in front of you too closely. If they hit a pothole or deep water you will have time to react.

What are your driving in the rain tips?

So ladies, have you ever had the desire to jump into a car, strap on a helmet and burn some rubber? Well, don’t think that you have to leave it to the boys!
We spoke to Sue Corbett from the Australian Women's Motorsport Network about what’s involved in a girl’s drag racing training day.

Sue, can any ladies attend a drag racing training day?
Any ladies can participate in our training days, as long as they hold a driver's license. We get a big variety of age groups - from 'P' platers to grandmothers - so age is no barrier!

Do you need to have any racing experience?
Definitely no experience necessary, just a desire to have a go! It's an opportunity to experience something new and exciting - a motorsport that can be quite addictive.

What type of car do you need?
All they need is a car that can pass scrutineering (e.g. no fluid leaks, seat belts properly attached, battery secured properly etc). Most registered cars don't have a problem. So the daily driver will do! It's not about how fast you can go, as skill off the line & consistency wins more races.

Is there a gal like Cha Cha from Grease starting the race?
Lol... No, but I’m sure we could find someone suitable! Racers have lights these days to start them, called a Xmas tree in drag racing lingo.

What is your ultimate car?
An old skool Chevy Camaro. (V8 of course).

Interested in finding out more? Jump onto the Australian Women’s Motorsport Network or onto girls torque – two sites dedicated to women in the motorsport world.

Keep an eye out for some training days in our Galmatic newsletter.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Galmatic Trainers Training Video

It is very exciting knowing that we have trainers all over Australia, but also daunting as I try to implement a regular and effective training and development plan for everyone.
It isn’t just the cost of flying people interstate, but also the feasibility that so many different women all with families will have the availability of time. Most of us however do wish for the chance to escape the chores to go ‘training’ for a few days!

So it is time for us to put together training videos that we can combine with webinar training.
Any Gals in Sydney who are available on Sunday 27th June between 3-5pm are welcome to

come along and enjoy a Car Care Workshop and be part of our training video.
All interested Gals should give us a call at our Garage 02 9970 6677.

And if you ever become famous, we promise to split with you the $10 million that magazines will pay for the footage!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Defensive Driving Photo Shoot

Models Needed For The Race Track

Yes ladies it’s time to get famous!

Galmatic is in dire need for new PR shots for magazines, PR Releases, articles, website and advertising.

So we have organised a fabulous day on the drag strip, to get you ladies finding the girl racer in you and to get you looking hot too! What a fabulous excuse to have your make up done, get onto the track and have some cool shots with your car!

What the day involves

- The full DSA/Galmatic Defensive Driving Course, which includes both theory and then practice in your car on the drag strip.
- Session with a makeup artist from Royal Blush Make Up Artistry
- Photo session with Stuart Leal Photography on the drag strip to be used by Galmatic and DSA for promotional reasons. You will be able to purchase photos for your own use too!
- Yummy lunch and snacks

Who we need

Gals of all ages with vintage cars and vintage looks
Gals of all ages with modern cars and eager to be in the limelight, dressed in casual clothes
5 Guys with modern cars

If you’re on your L’s that’s cool, one parent can come for free – remember to bring your logbook and get 6 hours signed off!

Saturday 3rd April (which is Easter Saturday) Full day starting at 9am – 5.30pm
Western Sydney International Drag strip – Eastern Creek

The day costs $150.00 per person – Usually $275.00 just for the Defensive Driving Course.
20 girls only, BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL – please book on line or call our Garage if you would like to chat more. Once you have made your booking we will call you with all the details, maps and to get a little information about your car and what to wear etc

Book Here

Or call 02 9970 6677

Friday, March 5, 2010

Layne Beachley and Galmatic empowering Women

Everyone was excited about our film shoot yesterday. The fabulous crew from The Sydney Weekender came along to Bob Jane T-Mart at Taren Point to film one of our 'Know Your Car Workshops' for Women.

With 10 gals ready to get their hands greasy - we popped the bonnet and were under way.

The 2 hour workshop took 5 hours to film, but we had a ball - and i think the crew enjoyed some of the characters.

Layne Beachley was their to lend her support and we made sure that she drove away in the correct seating position!

The episode airs in May.

For now we are getting ready to lend a hand at the Beachley Surf Classic in April down at Dee Why Beach.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Defensive Driving at Eastern Creek

It was off to the race track today for our Defensive Driving Course and my plans of beginning the tart up of our Galmatic Crew Car were put on hold. Yes I was procrastinating - a clean car would have been good - but she was just going to sit on the track in the heat.

So tomorrow, Sunday, her journey begins.

Met some great gals today who loved the course.

As you can see in the shot above, they were a little nervous about how close the sand pits were.

Emergency braking at what speed in what distance?

Great day by all.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Car is Getting Old

My everyday car is only 4 1/2 years old, so why is she looking older than my 1958 FC?

Is it a new car thing? Is it OK for a car to look expired so young?

It started at a Wiggles concert. Before then she washed by hand, by me every week. Mats dusted daily and carpets vacuumed fortnightly.

My two little monkeys had water bottles - but there was a no food rule and my car always looked immaculate.

Why so neurotic do you ask? Well a work car, especially one in the car industry needs to be clean and to be honest it all stemmed from my years of owning vintage cars.

And then the Wiggles! What happened I hear you ask?

Well, parked in the Castle Hill RSL car park - someone ripped off my bumper bar, removed my fog lights and then back on went the bumper bar (full story in an older post).

For some reason though that was it for me. Slowly I started to loose interest. There was small little dents appearing from nowhere. The carpet was looking dull and well my bumper looked just nude!

Now I cannot go cruising around in my '58 and the hotrod isn't on the road yet - so here comes the start of project 'Galmatic Town Car Tart Up.

Follow this space everyday and watch my tips and tricks to bringing your car back to life.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

10 Reasons Why You Should Learn How to Change a Tyre

Yes I know. It doesn't strike you as the mose exciting thing to do on the last days of your summer holidays - however learning to change a tyre can be fun.

Here are my top 10 Reasons why you should learn

  1. If your stuck with a flat tyre and your in a rush you don't have to wait for hours for roadside assistance

  2. All your friends will think your smarter than you are

  3. It's a good way to understand how your car works better

  4. Learn now and then in an emergency you won't be as panicked

  5. When you go to the tyre centre to buy the new tyre - the fact that you knew how to change it means that they will

  6. Every skill you learn always comes in handy sometime

  7. You can teach your friends

  8. It will make you more aware of your tyres, which will make you check the tyre pressure more often

  9. Every cool car chick knows how and so will you (therefore you will be cool too)

  10. Galmatic has a cute full colour step by step guide that you can print for free!

Go on girls - have a go

Monday, January 4, 2010

Mystery Shoppers Needed Australia Wide

Learn everything you need to know about your car and help us to provide women Australia wide with the best car care workshops possible!

So do you think you would be a great mystery shopper? We are looking for women Australia wide to attend our ‘Know Your Car’ workshops. You will enjoy a 2 hr workshop where you will learn all about your car and how to save yourself $$ in petrol and repairs.

Once you have completed the workshop – all you will need to do is fill out a simple questionnaire! On return of the questionnaire you will receive a copy of our Galmatic Car Care Handbook for Girls – a glovebox essential for every girl.

The workshop and handbook are valued at $94.95 – all free for just two hours of your time.
Just send us through an email with what areas you would be prepared to travel to and the funniest car story you have!