Thursday, January 7, 2010

10 Reasons Why You Should Learn How to Change a Tyre

Yes I know. It doesn't strike you as the mose exciting thing to do on the last days of your summer holidays - however learning to change a tyre can be fun.

Here are my top 10 Reasons why you should learn

  1. If your stuck with a flat tyre and your in a rush you don't have to wait for hours for roadside assistance

  2. All your friends will think your smarter than you are

  3. It's a good way to understand how your car works better

  4. Learn now and then in an emergency you won't be as panicked

  5. When you go to the tyre centre to buy the new tyre - the fact that you knew how to change it means that they will

  6. Every skill you learn always comes in handy sometime

  7. You can teach your friends

  8. It will make you more aware of your tyres, which will make you check the tyre pressure more often

  9. Every cool car chick knows how and so will you (therefore you will be cool too)

  10. Galmatic has a cute full colour step by step guide that you can print for free!

Go on girls - have a go

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