Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Car is Getting Old

My everyday car is only 4 1/2 years old, so why is she looking older than my 1958 FC?

Is it a new car thing? Is it OK for a car to look expired so young?

It started at a Wiggles concert. Before then she washed by hand, by me every week. Mats dusted daily and carpets vacuumed fortnightly.

My two little monkeys had water bottles - but there was a no food rule and my car always looked immaculate.

Why so neurotic do you ask? Well a work car, especially one in the car industry needs to be clean and to be honest it all stemmed from my years of owning vintage cars.

And then the Wiggles! What happened I hear you ask?

Well, parked in the Castle Hill RSL car park - someone ripped off my bumper bar, removed my fog lights and then back on went the bumper bar (full story in an older post).

For some reason though that was it for me. Slowly I started to loose interest. There was small little dents appearing from nowhere. The carpet was looking dull and well my bumper looked just nude!

Now I cannot go cruising around in my '58 and the hotrod isn't on the road yet - so here comes the start of project 'Galmatic Town Car Tart Up.

Follow this space everyday and watch my tips and tricks to bringing your car back to life.

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