Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Galmatic Trainers Training Video

It is very exciting knowing that we have trainers all over Australia, but also daunting as I try to implement a regular and effective training and development plan for everyone.
It isn’t just the cost of flying people interstate, but also the feasibility that so many different women all with families will have the availability of time. Most of us however do wish for the chance to escape the chores to go ‘training’ for a few days!

So it is time for us to put together training videos that we can combine with webinar training.
Any Gals in Sydney who are available on Sunday 27th June between 3-5pm are welcome to

come along and enjoy a Car Care Workshop and be part of our training video.
All interested Gals should give us a call at our Garage 02 9970 6677.

And if you ever become famous, we promise to split with you the $10 million that magazines will pay for the footage!

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Anonymous said...

Im from London England and you girls are amazing... my parents collect classic cars and are 50's fans and both mum and dad worked in the family car breakers yard and i think this is the only reason I am the only girl I know that can service her own car :P !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx its nice to see some other ladies in the know!