Monday, November 1, 2010

And a Big Thanks To You!

Ever forgotten about a friend or relatives birthday and suddenly needed a gift for them…… But couldn’t get away from the kids or your desk? And now with Christmas around the corner, what to do!??? Well the answer to these dilemmas could come in the form of a website called, which, with almost 2000 Australia wide gift experiences to choose from, is fast becoming the largest experience gift website in Australia. Chief BigThanker (cockney rhyming pun intended) Stuart Norman tells us more.

BigThanks. Strange name. Tell us how you came up with it.
Well, the original name for the website was going to be SEAL, as in SEa, Air and Land Adventures. We ripped off the name from the American Special Forces Navy SEALs. We had this silly logo with a stupid seal waving in the background and it just started looking really corny, so we binned the whole idea. Then one day one of our directors said he needed to “give one his staff a big thanks” and the penny just dropped. We had our new name! We do tend to have to spell our name out to people over the phone though. We’ve been mistakenly called everything from “Big Tanks”, “Big Fangs”, “Big Tans”…….

Do you have any competitions running at the moment that we can share with our Galmatic members?
As a matter of fact yes we do! Here at BigThanks we aren’t above buying friends. So until the end of December we will be running our “$100 for 100 Friends” prize giveaway. For every 100 Facebook friends we have we will give away a $100 BigThanks gift voucher that can be used to purchase any of the 2000 gift experiences we have across Australia. To get involved simply visit our BigThanks Facebook Page Here and press the “Like” button. We also ask all of our Facebook Friends to suggest us to their friends to keep the ball rolling.

And like we ask all our Galmatic friends, what is your dream car?
Well I am a huge motorsport fan and I am known to some of my friends as a bit of a car snob. I’ve currently got a Nissan GTR and a heavily modified Datsun 260Z that I play around with at track days and tarmac rallies. But I guess my dream car would be something like a Porsche 997 GT3 RS. The new Ferrari 458 seems nice too. But if I was to have to pick something practical then it would have to be a BMW M3. Supercar performance with 4 seats!

In terms of vintage cars though I’d really like a nice 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback one day!

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