Monday, November 1, 2010

Teaching Children Road Safety

At Galmatic we have a strong belief that education is the key to making drivers safer and more skilled on our roads.
So when is it the right time to teach young drivers basic road rules?
As mums, the Galmatic trainers know that driver training stats from a baby’s first trip in the car home from hospital. Every trip a child takes helps them to build a lifetime of driving habits.

We were very excited to hear of a program designed to teach primary school children all about road rules and pedestrian safety.
We spoke to Sonia Hawkins from RAPS about their school program.

Sonia, what are the programs run by RAPS all about?
While Pedestrian deaths make up 20% of all road accidents, about 95% are caused by the drivers. RAPS are committed to educating children about these potential dangers on the road. We provide awareness to school age children of the danger of being a pedestrian and educate them how to remain safe. Prevention is our number one priority, and our hands on program enables children to be more aware of these dangers, while having fun at the same time.

How does the RAPS program work?
RAPS for Kids is committed to the promotion of pedestrian safety for school aged children by fostering awareness of the dangers of being a pedestrian and giving direction to becoming and remaining safe pedestrians. RAPS for kids is a mobile traffic course consisting of a pedestrian crossing with operational traffic signals, 'children crossing' flags and 'lollypop' pedestrian crossing signs. The mobile unit also involves the use of mini cars to simulate 'real' traffic conditions for the children. Each child will have the opportunity to participate as a pedestrian, traffic controller and as a driver.

So if your kids are at primary school make sure you get this fabulous program to come your local primary school. You can contact Sonia via the RAPS website.

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