Thursday, September 29, 2011

Keeping Kids Safe Around Cars

With three children in the last week being run over and killed by the family car – we thought it was a pertinent time for us to put together some easy but essential things to do to ensure that no more beautiful children are killed and families left devastated.
Our hearts go out to the grieving families.
1.       Make car safety the most important element of driving. When kids are in the car, supervise them entering and exiting the car
2.       Make sure an adult ensures each child is put into the child restraint and checks that the seatbelt is on correctly. Putting on a seatbelt is not a ‘milestone’ in a child’s life – do not put the responsibility of a child’s safety in their own hands
3.       Have children listen for the ‘click’ when a the seatbelt is clicked in – it gets them thinking about safety
4.       Before you run out the door, no matter how rushed, make sure you are holding children’s hands – it’s hard at times, especially going to school and work – but always put children in the car first and then pack bags
5.       If you’re on your own in the car, have a quick look around the car before driving off, especially reversing – don’t just rely on the camera in the car
6.       Account for all children before driving off. Can you see them? Teach children where to stand so that you can always see them before you drive off
7.       Teach children at a young age to not just listen for cars, but to look as well. Teach them that the white lights on the rear of a car means the car is reversing
8.       Before you turn the key and start driving, take 30 seconds to prepare your trip. Where are you going, which way will you use to get there and where are the children?
9.       Remember 30 seconds late is not a big sacrifice to help keep you and your family safe
Galmatic trainers are ACRI accredited in child restraint advising and installation.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Where Do All The Tyres Go?

We love teaching our workshops at Bob Jane stores – the Franchisees and their teams are always friendly and helpful. While waiting for our workshops to start, we couldn’t help but wonder, “Where do all the tyres that they take off cars go?”

Do they go to landfill or is there a tyre heaven somewhere that people can go to for materials to make endless tyre swings and front yard swans?
We found out that Bob Jane recycle over 85 000 tyres a year – which means they don’t go to landfill!

The company they use are Tyrecycle, and we had the opportunity to talk to General Manager Dean Beckman about what happens to all of those old tyres.

Thanks for talking to us Dean. What is the environmental impact of not recycling tyres? Currently, thousands of tonnes of scrap tyres per year are illegally dumped, usually in our precious bushland and waterways. These illegally dumped tyres cost millions of dollars a year to remove and produce severe health hazards and environmental damage.
Even the smallest number of dumped tyres can create a dangerous breeding ground for mosquitoes that transport disease, such as Denge Fever and the Ross River Virus. 

Tyres are also combustible. Once ignited, they are difficult to extinguish - producing chemical toxins that affects humans, flora, fauna, waterways and the atmosphere.  

Even tyres disposed of legally in landfill results in the failure to take advantage of a valuable resource. However, Tyrecycle works closely with government and industry to expand and develop the applications for recycled tyres.

What is the recycling process that you use and what are some of the products made from recycled tyres?

The recycling process follows 6 steps:

1. Collection and transportation

2. Sorting

3. Shredding

The tyres are shredded in preparation for further processing. 4. Steel removal

The steel at the centre of each tyre is recovered for re-use. In fact, Sims recycles over 2,500 metric tonnes of steel as a result of this process.

5. Grinding into finished product

Depending on the fineness required, the granules are ground by large rollers and pushed through sieves. Rubber products produced are: buffings and shred (used in matting, sport surfaces, turf and playgrounds); granules and chips (used in athletic tracks, playgrounds, horse arenas and asphalt); crumbs and powders (used in new tyres, brake pads, road sealing, adhesives and paints); and large shred tyre chips (used in civil engineering and fuel derivatives).

6. Testing & distribution

Monday, September 5, 2011

Cruising Back Into QLD With The Return Of Our Gold Coast and Brisbane Workshops

The weather is warming up, the convertibles are coming out of the garage, driving scarfs are on and it’s time to go cruising in QLD. Yes our workshops are back up and running in Brisbane and the Gold Coast!

And at Galmatic we are so excited to welcome our latest Crew Member Melinda Bergmann to the Galmatic team. Melinda will training for us in Brisbane and will also cover our Gold Coast classes while Nicole is away at sea.
And to celebrate we have a fantastic deal for all you Northern Gals – it’s our popular 2 for 1 deal.

 For every workshop booking we will give you a free voucher for a friend!
And a big hello and reminder to all you QLD gals that have Galmatic gift vouchers – give us a call so that we can book you in to one of our workshops.

Quick, offer ends soon so don’t miss out for you and a friend to enjoy a two hour, interactive, fun and informative workshop. What are you waiting for? The car to breakdown first?!
‘Know Your Car’ Workshops Book Now

Defensive Driving Course – MIXED classes Book Now

Monday, August 8, 2011

Cruisin’ Pin Up Photo-shoot Special Just for The Gals

Life would be no fun if it was all work and no play! A gal can’t be expected to get her nails covered in grease and her hair all messed, peeking under the bonnet, to then rush off to the boardroom, school pick up, or Friday evening cocktails without a little primping and preening. 

So ladies, share a secret with us. Have you ever wanted to get dolled up like a 1950’s pin up model? Perhaps you watch Mad Men or old Film Noir movies and yearn for a little of an era where women were both powerful and feminine?  

But we couldn’t imagine a pin up without a cool car, so we are so excited to get together with our friend Bek from to offer a onetime only special! 

An amazing Pin Up Photo-shoot with her gorgeous 1962 EK Holden Ruby Deville. 

The package includes:
§  Full professional pinup makeup
§  Pinup perfect vintage hair styling
§  All clothing, shoes and accessories
§  10 final edited images
§  And a complimentary Louella DeVille PinUp Gift Pack Valued at $50 just for the Galmatic ladies! 

We had a quick chat with Bek and asked her what a gal could expect from her photo-shoot day.

I ensure that every 'PinUp For a Day' photo-shoot is tailored to suit each lady perfectly.
With a wide selection of fabulous frocks, vivacious lingerie, and killer stilettos, our clients are guaranteed to be feeling every bit that sultry 50’s pinup in no time.

Everything is supplied so all you need to do is show up!

You will enjoy being primped and pampered with professional makeup and hairstyling, followed by your photoshoot including all posing direction, assistance and guidance.
Even if you’ve never done anything like this before, I will have you all dolled up and servin’ up that 50’s cheesecake in no time!

For more details and to book your photo-shoot contact Bek via her website

Or if you live in Sydney – pop into the opening of her new studio Sunday August 14th at Shop 1a, 4 Chamberlain St in Campbelltown.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Trainers Needed For Our Know Your Car Workshps - Brisbane, Gold Coast and Melbourne

Why this car is automatic,
It’s systematic,
It’s hyyydromatic,
Why it’s Galmatic!

Galmatic is an all Australian company, with a strong passion about empowering women to take the driver’s seat when it comes to cars, driving and the road safety of their family and friends.  

Our philosophy at Galmatic is;
Independence Knowledge Fun Liberation Empowerment
Our Vision is: 
To be a movement for all Australian Women to engage with: a car culture where as a community of women we work towards a zero road toll on Australian roads. 
We are a one stop destination for women looking for car care and driving courses and information; in an open and non-threatening environment.  
We think of ourselves as an old fashioned garage: where you know your customers and provide them with second to none service.  
Our company is community focussed and supportive of flexible work hours which creates an enjoyable company culture for our staff. 

We specialise in:
§  Car Care Workshops for Women: which are fun, interactive and informative
§  Defensive Driving Courses for Women – skill building and engaging
§  The Galmatic Car Care Handbook for Girls – every girl’s glove box essential
§  Information: Blog articles and monthly Newsletter
§  Creating Confident Women Behind The Wheel  

We are holistic in our approach; we are a total car care garage.

Our belief that women have the potential to do anything they put their minds to is what led us to work with and support the work of the Layne Beachley Aim For The Stars Foundation.
As a company run by women, we are constantly juggling work commitments and the pleasure of caring for our families and the never-ending chores of running a household!  
We wanted to not only show, but also to inspire other women to do the same and follow their dreams.
The Layne Beachley Aim for the Stars Foundation provides financial and moral assistance to girls and women across Australia to help them realise their dreams in sporting, academic, community or cultural pursuits.  
In a nutshell it helps women of all ages to aim for the stars and pursue their dreams – and although we play only a small role – we are proud to be supporting the foundation and being a part of the journey of so many amazing women. Galmatic is proud to support The Layne Beachley Aim For The Stars Foundation. 
We donate $5pp from every workshop and course that we run Australia wide.

Who are we looking for? 
Do you have a training background or perhaps just love to teach?
We are looking for enthusiastic and dynamic women, who enjoy working with people, are looking for flexible working hours and enjoy cars. 
You don’t need to be a mechanic or even have extensive car knowledge; just a passion for working with people. Oh and of course excellent communication skills is a must!  
We also love people with a sense of humour and a sense of fun. 

As a Galmatic Workshop Trainer you will enjoy:
§  Facilitating fun and interactive car care workshops for women
§  As a contractor you enjoy the freedom of working for yourself and the support of Galmatic
§  Induction and ongoing training – in both car maintenance and business skills
§  Yearly training conference
§  Assistance from Galmatic at every step
§  Excellent remuneration
Galmatic Training Consultants are Casual Contractor roles

For an application pack please contact Eleni for more details 02 9970 6677 Find out more about our company

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Train The Trainer

I was featured in the Sunday Magazine in an article entitled mum entrepreneurs which focussed on the difficult side of working from home. It is my first encounter with being interviewed and not seeing in the written print what I thought I was saying.
I’m not famous – so therefore I’m not used to reading something about me that doesn’t quite seem 100% me.
The article focussed on the difficulties associated with working from home with children – but in reality, is any type of work with children easy? Whether you use a nanny, day-care, or you have them at home with you – all mum/work roles are a juggle.
So whilst reading the article (click here to read the article) I tried to identify what I miss the most about working in the corporate world outside of home, and the clear thing that I missed was training.
I miss being assessed, developed and trained in new things, new ideas and new techniques.
So I plan on correcting this and have decided to put myself through some courses and classes to make sure that I both keep myself trained and also work with like-minded people.
Last week I was at Sydney Drag way, working for Driver Skills Australia with the company’s Managing Director – where I honed some of my skills and refreshed some of my teaching habits. I have been teaching a long time (over 20 years) and sometimes I stand outside of myself and think “Eleni did you really say that?” I am really looking forward to the next 6 months – I plan on being very clever by New Year! Will keep you posted...
Being trained at Sydney Dragway in defensive driver training

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Manly Sea Eagles Help AFTS With Their Butts!

The Crew at Brookvale Oval helping to raise awareness about the Aim For The Stars Foundation. It was a cold night, but well worth it as we raised over $3000.00 for the foundation.

Layne and I just before she got into the Zorb Ball at half time.
The Manly Sea Eagles were in pink shirts and had the AFTS logo on their butts - thanks boys!

Jacey and I about to go into the corporate boxes to gather donations and yes it was warmer in there too!
Galmatic have been proudly supporting the Aim For The Stars Foundation for the past 3 years and we do enjoy all the crazy fundraising ideas that we come up with!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Top 5 Tips For The Ultimate Hand Car Wash

Thanks to Chad for letting us wash his ‎1967 Mustang Shelby GT500
We love Australian made and owned (just like us) and very excited to be stocking this range of Australian made and owned premium car care products in the garage come Spring. So we were very excited to have a chat to Dan Bowden of Bowden’s Own – about getting down and dirty or should we say clean with your car.

Dan, what are the benefits of hand washing your car at home over going to a car wash?
Car washes can damage your paint long term, with big bills in getting it professionally detailed to remove the marks they put in. The washes and waxes they use are generally cheap and nasty, again long term they are to the detriment of your car. When washing your car it gives you the chance to inspect it a bit more closely than normal, so you can notice any issues the car may have like stone chips, worn tyres or normally unseen wear and tear. Fixing these issues early can save you money over the long term. Hand washing also gives a mild work-out helping keep you fit!

What are your top 5 tips for washing your car?
1. NEVER wash with a sponge, as they create 95% of scratches and swirls on your cars paint. Use a microfibre wash mitt or microfibre covered sponge instead.

2. Use a big 12 litre bucket. The normal 8 litre buckets leave no suds in the bucket after washing your car, so all the dirt potentially scratching materials in the bottom of the bucket gets put back on your car. Does not happen with the extra capacity of the 12 litre bucket. Even better, use two 12 litre buckets for washing, one for the suds onto the car and the other to rinse off your wash mitt after coming off cleaning the car. You never get dirt into your wash bucket this way.

3. Always use a good quality wash. Cheap ones are hard on your car and even more so, your skin. Cheap washes (and even a lot of good ones) are also laced with phosphates and salt, as is dish washing detergent. These washes ruin your car’s paint and metal as they help infest it with rust as you wash. Phosphates also are a not good for the environment. Make sure the wash is pH Neutral- so it is easy on your car, skin paint and will not strip away any protective wax coat you may have applied.

4. Start from the top of the car when washing, and then work your way down, cleaning the dirtiest parts last.

5. Always Chamois your car down to dry after washing, to stop water marks forming on the paint. They are hard and expensive to remove! Also make sure you drive your car after washing, the moving air will help evaporate any water left sitting in unreachable areas of the car.

What makes Bowden products unique?
We are all Australian, so we keep the money in Australia, investing in the manufacturing industry to keep jobs here rather than overseas! Made by a family who really do love cars and show it in the passion we have for our large car collection. We also make all our products by hand, as we cannot afford robots.

What is your dream car?
1955 Mercedes Benz 300 SLR race car, we have a 1955 300SL Gullwing road going version the ultimate achievable version of this, only 6 of the SLR’s were made and worth a presumed $20 million each..if you could buy one that is! Mercedes still own most of them and two are in French and US government owned museums. So you can only dream to own one.

Monday, June 6, 2011

How Not To Get Car Sick - and how to clean it if you do

Do you know the feeling? You start to get hot and sweaty, a little giddy, dizzy and then nauseas.

If you or one of your kids suffers from car-sickness, you will know that it is no fun, especially if you have a long road trip ahead.

What is car sickness?

Car sickness is a physical reaction the body has in response to the brains confusion between what the ear feels and the eye sees.

The ear has receptors which detect the car is moving; the eye is focussed on the non moving car interior. These mixed signals produce the physical side effects of car-sickness.

Children under the age of three do not suffer from car-sickness, even when the car seat is still rear facing; with the majority of children growing out of it by the age of 10.

What you can do to avoid it

1. Try to look outside the car, preferably on objects that are not in motion e.g. light poles, houses
2. Do not read, play games or watch DVD’s
3. Keep your head as still as possible
4. Don’t have a full stomach, especially if you have just eaten fatty foods
5. Open a window and let in fresh air
6. Try to sit in the front seat of the car, or if it is a child, move their car seat from the middle to one of the windows

The essential car anti sick bag!

Pack the following items into a Galmatic tote bag to be prepared for those feeling sick moments.

1. Face washers to dampen to apply to your neck and wash up any mess
2. Bottle of water for drinking and wetting face washers
3. Baby nappy bags to put dirty cloths/clothes in
4. Crackers or fruit. No biscuits as they are very high in fat. Watch out for bananas too as they make very messy vomit!
5. If you have kids who get car sick, pack a spare change of clothes
6. A container with a lid that you can vomit into
7. Fresh breath mints

Sick babies, drunken friends, car sick puppies – whoever the culprit, the smell of vomit in a car is almost unbearable!

So here are our quick tips to get vomit smell out of your car – and we mean quick as it’s a yucky topic!

Enjoy the photo of Ava’s car seat covered in vomit!

1. Make sure you remove all of the vomit out of the car
2. Give it a good shampoo and let it dry completely
3. Cover area in baking soda – rub in and then vacuum out

8 Big Tips For Hiding Your Smalls

Photo courtesy of Shooting Starlets - Photo by Loiuse Whelan
With our love of all things retro, we just had to take up the opportunity to speak with the delicious Miss Pia Anderson, vintage culture aficionado all about the do’s and don’ts of getting in and out of ours cars with the same grace as Betty from Mad Men!

Here are her 8 top tips from her upcoming blog on Grace and Deportment- A Vintage Girl's guide to the modern world.

For ladies who wear skirts when driving, here are a few helpful hints to avoid an embarrassing display of your smalls.

To make sure you exit a car with the grace of a lady.........

1. It's a good idea to take a minute to adjust your clothing before you even think about hopping out of the car. Make sure you pull your skirt down as far as it will go

2. The most important rule of getting out of the car with dignity is to keep your knees together

3. Place one leg down at a time and swivel your body gracefully so that both your feet are firmly on the ground

4. Position your hands on either side of you and use them to lever yourself up

5. Dip your head slightly to avoid hitting the roof of the car or the door frame, you don't want to mess up that glamorous hair do

6. Be aware of the distance to the kerb and survey for any other obstacles

7. Close the door elegantly behind you

8. Set off towards your destination with a smile knowing that you have achieved a graceful exit without flashing too much flesh

Find out more about all things retro at Pia’s website

Friday, April 29, 2011

Mothers Day Present Mum Will Love

Why not give her what she really wants - time with you!

We have the perfect Mother’s day Special.
– 2 for 1 Know Your Car Workshop Passes!

Book in your mum and you can join her for free save $75.00!
Do 2 hours of car care for women and emerge empowered.
Learn what's under the bonnet and what to look out for.

Never again will we call a man in our lives for help!
Never again will we cry on the side of the road!
It's the final frontier of female independence - conquered!

Be honest – would you know what to look for on a monthly check?
You could save heaps of money - don't pay someone $70 to flick a switch!
This experience is the fun and interactive way to road knowledge.

Our workshops are for women and run by women in a fun, friendly and non-threatening environment.
You don't need any special skills or knowledge and you can come alone or with some friends.

You'll learn to change a tyre, check your oil and water and get to know your way around an engine.
So book in now – and bring your mum!

Contact Eleni at the Galmatic Garage 0299706677 or

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fatality Free Friday

Small steps often help make the biggest changes and that’s why Galmatic is excited to be supporting the Fatality Free Friday initiative – which is targeting the entire community to be more road aware and taken ownership of road safety.

We spoke with one of the organisers Russell White to find out how we can all play a part in reducing the road toll.

Russell, what is the Fatality Free Friday initiative about?
Fatality Free Friday represents a fresh approach in dealing with what is a complex issue by engaging community mobilization and encouraging ownership on road safety.

The campaign centres on one simple premise: That if drivers consciously think about road safety and safe driving for just one Friday in the year, that day’s toll could be reduced to zero.

That’s our aim. Not a single road death in Australia for just one day. Just one Fatality Free Friday.

If people can do that on one Friday, we can create a change in driving culture so they do it every Friday and every weekend - and ultimately every day of the year.

At Galmatic our members participate in car care workshops and defensive driving courses – can they still do more to make a difference?
Fantastic news to hear and yes! Fatality Free Friday is designed to focus public attention on road safety and encourage all road users to play their part and drive safely. They make a commitment to that goal by downloading and signing a pledge from the web site.

Our goal is to ensure that there are no road crash fatalities around Australia during this day. It is a call to action that serves as a platform for a targeted and ongoing approach to road safety.

What is the main point of difference with Fatality Free Friday to other road safety campaigns?
Fatality Free Friday is unique. It differs from conventional road safety campaigns by emphasizing these key areas:
• An individual can make a difference
• Personal responsibility and accountability
• Positive reinforcement via community action
• Community ownership in relation to road safety

Fatality Free Friday is Australia’s only community-based national road safety campaign.

So how do we participate?
This year Fatality Free Friday will take place on 27th May. Visit to find out how you can be involved.

At Galmatic we have some great mixed defensive driving courses coming up, so grab your boyfriends, hubbys and sons and get behind the wheel and learn what to do in the case of an emergency.

Our courses will help you to do the best to not be another statistic on the road!

Book Now

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Where does your spare key live?

The key programer came to our garage
 to reprogram a spare key for our Ute
 Our garage (well our driveway, garage and front of the street) is to put it in a kitty cat way is littered with cars. There is the everyday car, the cruising car, the towing car and then of course there are a few of us here at any one given time.

But when we couldn’t get into the Ute because we couldn’t find the keys, the ensuring scramble of searching and researching got us thinking about the spare key.

No there wasn’t a spare key, oh sure originally there must have been , but now with a lift to school needed and all the other cars on their way somewhere – the spare key was obviously off flirting with the everyday key. Was it jealous? Should we rotate them?

Did we have any other spare keys that would work and where were they?

So a quick survey around the garage made us realise that there was none of us with a clue of where the spare keys lived. “In the basket – I think” was the clearest view.

So $175.00 later and a lot of organising, a new spare was programmed for the Ute and now all our other cars have the spare in the ‘spare key basket’ and all labelled too may I add!

Do you have a spare key to your car and where does it live?

Friday, March 11, 2011

Hot Tips for Career Chicks - Competition

Our garage is run by an eclectic bunch of gals – with many different backgrounds and all working together to enjoy cars, driving and teaching! But as time poor and tired chicky babes we are always happy to get our hands on some serious gal advice on how to get our careers into the driver’s seat!

We had a quick chat with Karen Adamedes, author of Hot Tips for Career Chicks and key note speaker running career workshops for women.

Karen, what are the three main areas that women are looking for advice on.

It’s a varied bunch of topics, but three main topics would be:

1. How do I get the job I want?

2. Why are other people being paid more than me?

3. Why doesn’t my good work get noticed?

How do you help women find this advice and answer these questions? (note we had our pen out immediately)

We have half day workshops which include a networking lunch, my book and of course our face book page for hot tips!

Where can we find out more Karen?

Join our next workshop in Sydney at the State Library on April 9th Workshop for more info and find us on facebook : Hot Tips For Career Chicks

Karen’s book is fabulous – we couldn’t put our copy down!

Like to win your own copy? We have 4 of Karen’s book Hot Tips for Career Chicks to give away.

It’s easy to enter. Jump onto facebook and like both Galmatic and Hot Tips for Career Chicks pages and then write a comment on the Galmatic page – in 25 words or less why you need some hot career tips! The best 4 written comments will win a copy!

Be quick competition closes Saturday!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Madam Lash

Now you can just imagine our excitement when we discovered this new product. We think it’s hilarious and know that you’re just going to fall in love too. So are you ready for it?

Too cute and just a little sexy, false eye lashes for your car!

Yes you can grab yourself a pair of easy to apply (and we mean easier than real false eyelashes), eyelashes for your car. Long and black and weather proof too. No racoon eyes for your car!

So if you want to turn heads, stop traffic and give those boy cars a bit of a wink – then these beauties are for you. For only $25.00 a pair. How could you resist.
Check them out at

We have two pairs of eyelashes to giveaway! And it’s the easiest competition ever!

Jump onto facebook and like Galmatic and The Car Lash Company.

On the Galmatic facebook page in 25 words or less tell us why you desperately need a pair of falsies for your car. The 2 cleverest comments win!

Be quick competition closes Thursday!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Galmatic help to launch the new MINI Countryman

Galmatic Trainers jacey and Nicole getting ready for the launch of the new MINI Countryman. Sitting in the MINI Cabrio they hoped that if they seasoned it they could drive it home!

Jacey having a look out the rear of the MINI Clubman. No key in the ignition, or otherwise she would have her seatbelt on!

Galmatic Crew with the Canterbury MINI team.

Lucky enough to enjoy some macaroons by celebrity Chef Adriano Zumbo.

Jacey explaining some safety features of the MINI Cabrio.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

From heatwave to pouring rain

Last weekend the weather wa in the high 40's, so we decided to postpone our Liverpool Know Your car Workshop. Who wants to pop their head under the bonnet in that heat?

So we rescheduled to yeasterday - and how was the weather? Well it poured with rain!

Now we quite like changing tyres in the rain, after all it always seems to rain when you get a flat tyre!
So thanks to the girls for a great day!

Sam, Karen and Marie brave the rain and have a great time