Saturday, March 12, 2011

Where does your spare key live?

The key programer came to our garage
 to reprogram a spare key for our Ute
 Our garage (well our driveway, garage and front of the street) is to put it in a kitty cat way is littered with cars. There is the everyday car, the cruising car, the towing car and then of course there are a few of us here at any one given time.

But when we couldn’t get into the Ute because we couldn’t find the keys, the ensuring scramble of searching and researching got us thinking about the spare key.

No there wasn’t a spare key, oh sure originally there must have been , but now with a lift to school needed and all the other cars on their way somewhere – the spare key was obviously off flirting with the everyday key. Was it jealous? Should we rotate them?

Did we have any other spare keys that would work and where were they?

So a quick survey around the garage made us realise that there was none of us with a clue of where the spare keys lived. “In the basket – I think” was the clearest view.

So $175.00 later and a lot of organising, a new spare was programmed for the Ute and now all our other cars have the spare in the ‘spare key basket’ and all labelled too may I add!

Do you have a spare key to your car and where does it live?

Friday, March 11, 2011

Hot Tips for Career Chicks - Competition

Our garage is run by an eclectic bunch of gals – with many different backgrounds and all working together to enjoy cars, driving and teaching! But as time poor and tired chicky babes we are always happy to get our hands on some serious gal advice on how to get our careers into the driver’s seat!

We had a quick chat with Karen Adamedes, author of Hot Tips for Career Chicks and key note speaker running career workshops for women.

Karen, what are the three main areas that women are looking for advice on.

It’s a varied bunch of topics, but three main topics would be:

1. How do I get the job I want?

2. Why are other people being paid more than me?

3. Why doesn’t my good work get noticed?

How do you help women find this advice and answer these questions? (note we had our pen out immediately)

We have half day workshops which include a networking lunch, my book and of course our face book page for hot tips!

Where can we find out more Karen?

Join our next workshop in Sydney at the State Library on April 9th Workshop for more info and find us on facebook : Hot Tips For Career Chicks

Karen’s book is fabulous – we couldn’t put our copy down!

Like to win your own copy? We have 4 of Karen’s book Hot Tips for Career Chicks to give away.

It’s easy to enter. Jump onto facebook and like both Galmatic and Hot Tips for Career Chicks pages and then write a comment on the Galmatic page – in 25 words or less why you need some hot career tips! The best 4 written comments will win a copy!

Be quick competition closes Saturday!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Madam Lash

Now you can just imagine our excitement when we discovered this new product. We think it’s hilarious and know that you’re just going to fall in love too. So are you ready for it?

Too cute and just a little sexy, false eye lashes for your car!

Yes you can grab yourself a pair of easy to apply (and we mean easier than real false eyelashes), eyelashes for your car. Long and black and weather proof too. No racoon eyes for your car!

So if you want to turn heads, stop traffic and give those boy cars a bit of a wink – then these beauties are for you. For only $25.00 a pair. How could you resist.
Check them out at

We have two pairs of eyelashes to giveaway! And it’s the easiest competition ever!

Jump onto facebook and like Galmatic and The Car Lash Company.

On the Galmatic facebook page in 25 words or less tell us why you desperately need a pair of falsies for your car. The 2 cleverest comments win!

Be quick competition closes Thursday!