Saturday, March 12, 2011

Where does your spare key live?

The key programer came to our garage
 to reprogram a spare key for our Ute
 Our garage (well our driveway, garage and front of the street) is to put it in a kitty cat way is littered with cars. There is the everyday car, the cruising car, the towing car and then of course there are a few of us here at any one given time.

But when we couldn’t get into the Ute because we couldn’t find the keys, the ensuring scramble of searching and researching got us thinking about the spare key.

No there wasn’t a spare key, oh sure originally there must have been , but now with a lift to school needed and all the other cars on their way somewhere – the spare key was obviously off flirting with the everyday key. Was it jealous? Should we rotate them?

Did we have any other spare keys that would work and where were they?

So a quick survey around the garage made us realise that there was none of us with a clue of where the spare keys lived. “In the basket – I think” was the clearest view.

So $175.00 later and a lot of organising, a new spare was programmed for the Ute and now all our other cars have the spare in the ‘spare key basket’ and all labelled too may I add!

Do you have a spare key to your car and where does it live?

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