Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fatality Free Friday

Small steps often help make the biggest changes and that’s why Galmatic is excited to be supporting the Fatality Free Friday initiative – which is targeting the entire community to be more road aware and taken ownership of road safety.

We spoke with one of the organisers Russell White to find out how we can all play a part in reducing the road toll.

Russell, what is the Fatality Free Friday initiative about?
Fatality Free Friday represents a fresh approach in dealing with what is a complex issue by engaging community mobilization and encouraging ownership on road safety.

The campaign centres on one simple premise: That if drivers consciously think about road safety and safe driving for just one Friday in the year, that day’s toll could be reduced to zero.

That’s our aim. Not a single road death in Australia for just one day. Just one Fatality Free Friday.

If people can do that on one Friday, we can create a change in driving culture so they do it every Friday and every weekend - and ultimately every day of the year.

At Galmatic our members participate in car care workshops and defensive driving courses – can they still do more to make a difference?
Fantastic news to hear and yes! Fatality Free Friday is designed to focus public attention on road safety and encourage all road users to play their part and drive safely. They make a commitment to that goal by downloading and signing a pledge from the web site.

Our goal is to ensure that there are no road crash fatalities around Australia during this day. It is a call to action that serves as a platform for a targeted and ongoing approach to road safety.

What is the main point of difference with Fatality Free Friday to other road safety campaigns?
Fatality Free Friday is unique. It differs from conventional road safety campaigns by emphasizing these key areas:
• An individual can make a difference
• Personal responsibility and accountability
• Positive reinforcement via community action
• Community ownership in relation to road safety

Fatality Free Friday is Australia’s only community-based national road safety campaign.

So how do we participate?
This year Fatality Free Friday will take place on 27th May. Visit www.fatalityfreefriday.com to find out how you can be involved.

At Galmatic we have some great mixed defensive driving courses coming up, so grab your boyfriends, hubbys and sons and get behind the wheel and learn what to do in the case of an emergency.

Our courses will help you to do the best to not be another statistic on the road!

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