Monday, June 6, 2011

8 Big Tips For Hiding Your Smalls

Photo courtesy of Shooting Starlets - Photo by Loiuse Whelan
With our love of all things retro, we just had to take up the opportunity to speak with the delicious Miss Pia Anderson, vintage culture aficionado all about the do’s and don’ts of getting in and out of ours cars with the same grace as Betty from Mad Men!

Here are her 8 top tips from her upcoming blog on Grace and Deportment- A Vintage Girl's guide to the modern world.

For ladies who wear skirts when driving, here are a few helpful hints to avoid an embarrassing display of your smalls.

To make sure you exit a car with the grace of a lady.........

1. It's a good idea to take a minute to adjust your clothing before you even think about hopping out of the car. Make sure you pull your skirt down as far as it will go

2. The most important rule of getting out of the car with dignity is to keep your knees together

3. Place one leg down at a time and swivel your body gracefully so that both your feet are firmly on the ground

4. Position your hands on either side of you and use them to lever yourself up

5. Dip your head slightly to avoid hitting the roof of the car or the door frame, you don't want to mess up that glamorous hair do

6. Be aware of the distance to the kerb and survey for any other obstacles

7. Close the door elegantly behind you

8. Set off towards your destination with a smile knowing that you have achieved a graceful exit without flashing too much flesh

Find out more about all things retro at Pia’s website

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