Monday, June 6, 2011

How Not To Get Car Sick - and how to clean it if you do

Do you know the feeling? You start to get hot and sweaty, a little giddy, dizzy and then nauseas.

If you or one of your kids suffers from car-sickness, you will know that it is no fun, especially if you have a long road trip ahead.

What is car sickness?

Car sickness is a physical reaction the body has in response to the brains confusion between what the ear feels and the eye sees.

The ear has receptors which detect the car is moving; the eye is focussed on the non moving car interior. These mixed signals produce the physical side effects of car-sickness.

Children under the age of three do not suffer from car-sickness, even when the car seat is still rear facing; with the majority of children growing out of it by the age of 10.

What you can do to avoid it

1. Try to look outside the car, preferably on objects that are not in motion e.g. light poles, houses
2. Do not read, play games or watch DVD’s
3. Keep your head as still as possible
4. Don’t have a full stomach, especially if you have just eaten fatty foods
5. Open a window and let in fresh air
6. Try to sit in the front seat of the car, or if it is a child, move their car seat from the middle to one of the windows

The essential car anti sick bag!

Pack the following items into a Galmatic tote bag to be prepared for those feeling sick moments.

1. Face washers to dampen to apply to your neck and wash up any mess
2. Bottle of water for drinking and wetting face washers
3. Baby nappy bags to put dirty cloths/clothes in
4. Crackers or fruit. No biscuits as they are very high in fat. Watch out for bananas too as they make very messy vomit!
5. If you have kids who get car sick, pack a spare change of clothes
6. A container with a lid that you can vomit into
7. Fresh breath mints

Sick babies, drunken friends, car sick puppies – whoever the culprit, the smell of vomit in a car is almost unbearable!

So here are our quick tips to get vomit smell out of your car – and we mean quick as it’s a yucky topic!

Enjoy the photo of Ava’s car seat covered in vomit!

1. Make sure you remove all of the vomit out of the car
2. Give it a good shampoo and let it dry completely
3. Cover area in baking soda – rub in and then vacuum out

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