Saturday, July 9, 2011

Train The Trainer

I was featured in the Sunday Magazine in an article entitled mum entrepreneurs which focussed on the difficult side of working from home. It is my first encounter with being interviewed and not seeing in the written print what I thought I was saying.
I’m not famous – so therefore I’m not used to reading something about me that doesn’t quite seem 100% me.
The article focussed on the difficulties associated with working from home with children – but in reality, is any type of work with children easy? Whether you use a nanny, day-care, or you have them at home with you – all mum/work roles are a juggle.
So whilst reading the article (click here to read the article) I tried to identify what I miss the most about working in the corporate world outside of home, and the clear thing that I missed was training.
I miss being assessed, developed and trained in new things, new ideas and new techniques.
So I plan on correcting this and have decided to put myself through some courses and classes to make sure that I both keep myself trained and also work with like-minded people.
Last week I was at Sydney Drag way, working for Driver Skills Australia with the company’s Managing Director – where I honed some of my skills and refreshed some of my teaching habits. I have been teaching a long time (over 20 years) and sometimes I stand outside of myself and think “Eleni did you really say that?” I am really looking forward to the next 6 months – I plan on being very clever by New Year! Will keep you posted...
Being trained at Sydney Dragway in defensive driver training

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