Thursday, September 29, 2011

Keeping Kids Safe Around Cars

With three children in the last week being run over and killed by the family car – we thought it was a pertinent time for us to put together some easy but essential things to do to ensure that no more beautiful children are killed and families left devastated.
Our hearts go out to the grieving families.
1.       Make car safety the most important element of driving. When kids are in the car, supervise them entering and exiting the car
2.       Make sure an adult ensures each child is put into the child restraint and checks that the seatbelt is on correctly. Putting on a seatbelt is not a ‘milestone’ in a child’s life – do not put the responsibility of a child’s safety in their own hands
3.       Have children listen for the ‘click’ when a the seatbelt is clicked in – it gets them thinking about safety
4.       Before you run out the door, no matter how rushed, make sure you are holding children’s hands – it’s hard at times, especially going to school and work – but always put children in the car first and then pack bags
5.       If you’re on your own in the car, have a quick look around the car before driving off, especially reversing – don’t just rely on the camera in the car
6.       Account for all children before driving off. Can you see them? Teach children where to stand so that you can always see them before you drive off
7.       Teach children at a young age to not just listen for cars, but to look as well. Teach them that the white lights on the rear of a car means the car is reversing
8.       Before you turn the key and start driving, take 30 seconds to prepare your trip. Where are you going, which way will you use to get there and where are the children?
9.       Remember 30 seconds late is not a big sacrifice to help keep you and your family safe
Galmatic trainers are ACRI accredited in child restraint advising and installation.

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