Thursday, October 11, 2012

Not Quite High Tea!

Ok So it's not quite high tea, but we are on a racetrack and this believe me is being posh!

So how do you introduce a group of people to the new Honda Sports CR-Z Hybrid? 
Well first keep in mind we didn't have the budget of a full scale launch!

Our second lot of Hybrid observers - Yes with bikkies and cardboard cups - no Styrofoam cups here! 

And yes here is day three!

And what did they think?

Over the CR-Z , not the bikkies!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Radiator - How To Check Your Car Coolant

Not sure how to check the coolant in your car?
Watch our 60 second video and your car will never overheat again!

Do you check your coolant yourself?
Let us know in the comments below.

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Happy and safe cruising!

Ohh This Is A Hybrid? You Sure?

And here we go - off to the Central Coast for a defensive driving course of men!
So what will they think of this Hybrid?

Hi Vis shirt on  - yes I know, orange and re don't mix and it was into Sports mode to take the CR-Z for a cruise and see what the boys thought.

SO you can imagine, "oh it's red, it's small, it's cool - so it cant be a Hybrid!" they all sang in almost perfect chorus. So after a poke around, I let them watch me take it for a spin. It handles well in Normal mode with the steering transferring into a very responsive drive when put into Sports mode.

Off to Eastern Creek tomorrow - so some track footage to show you how well this little Hybrid handles the road!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Maintaining Your Car Battery Terminal

Not sure how to maintain your car battery?
To ensure you get the best out of your battery watch our 30 second video for a quick auto how to you can do once a month.

Do you check your battery terminal?
Let us know in the comments below.

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Happy and safe cruising!

Honda Hybrid Test Drive

Now I must admit I'm a petrol girl - big V8's and old cars that guzzle fuel. 
But I am really looking forward to test driving the Honda CR-Z Hybrid Sports Coupe.

I was invited to a launch with Honda Product Trainer Adam Gorman and was really impressed with the performance and ecological benefits the Honda Hybrid offered.
800 km to a tank with no drop in performance.

Looking forward to getting it onto the racetrack too, to really see how it performs.
Stay tuned for video updates.

Have you driven a Hybrid? What are your thoughts on them?
Would love to hear what you think. Let us know in the comments below. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Road Trip - Planning For A Trip, What To Do Before You Go

Off on holidays or just for a drive, watch our 30 second video for a couple of quick tips before you jump behind the wheel. A quick auto check of your lights and underneath the car will have you ready to go!

Do you check the car before you go on a road trip? What do you check when planning a trip? Let us know in the comments below.

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Happy and safe cruising!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Quick And Easy Way To Change Your Car Windscreen Wiper Blades

A quick and easy way to change your windscreen wiper blades.

It's not too tricky and ensures you have a clean windscreen and clear visibility especially for night driving.

Let us know  how often, if ever you change your wiper blades in the comments below.

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Happy and safe cruising!

Monday, September 10, 2012

How To Check Your Car Hoses

Just like your hose need checking for ladders ladies, the hoses of your cars need to be checked too!
It's just a quick little check to do when you're under the bonnet, but it can save you $$ in repairs!

Who usually checks your car? Do you do it often or wait for a service?

Join us at one of our workshops - you will have fun and learn a lot too!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Checking And Topping Up The Oil

Yes, you might have a brand new car that you intend on servicing frequently, but it is worthwhile to routinely do a quick check to make sure your car doesn't let you down. If you drive an older model, then a regular check is essential.
Your diligence in checking your car on a regular basis will keep it running well and working at its best.
Be thorough in keeping notes in the notebook section of your Galmatic Handbook, so that you can let your mechanic know of any problems that you have had.

At our 'Know Your Car' Workshops one the essential steps in our monthly under bonnet check is checking and topping up the oil.

How often do you check your oil? Who showed you how?

Join one of our ladies only car care workshops and get to know your car!

Monday, August 20, 2012

How To Clean Your WIndshield

It’s one of the easiest things you can do, but most of us wait for it to get done at the next service. And of course you pay for it. So save yourself some dollars, but more importantly keep yourself and your family safe and fill your windscreen with washer fluid.
It’s a simple step in your monthly maintenance check, but it is one of the factors that can minimise your chances of being in an accident!

Do you do a monthly check?  Not sure what to look for? What to Check? What you can and what you shouldn’t touch? 

Monday, August 13, 2012

What To Do In An Accident

I’ve had an accident what do I do?

This is the information that you never want to need, but it is a good idea to know it so in case you are in an accident, you will be prepared.

Follow these simple rules in the event of a car collision/accident, whether you are involved in the accident as a passenger or as a witness.
A good way to remember the key points of what to do, is to remember that you need to have a MAAS action plan:

  • Make the scene safe
  • Assess and ask if anyone is injured
  • Assist injured people
  • Send for Help

Have you ever been in an accident? Did you know what to do? Where did you go for information?

Saturday, August 4, 2012

5 Essential Steps To Keep Your Child Safe In The Car

We check several car restraints a week and the most common things we hear at our workshops are:

"But I had my restraint fitted last year by a professional -- why do I need to check it?"

"My child is so clever they can get themselves in and out of the car seat on their own"

"I know my car seat is in correctly as I give it a bit of a shake every now and then"

The most important thing to remember about child car restraints is that the restraint is only effective if used correctly.

Watch our 1 minute video to learn 5 essential check points to ensure your child stays safe!

Effect these steps as it could mean the difference between your children being OK or severely injured in the event of an accident.

How often do you check your child restraint? Do you find it hard?

Checking your Tyre Pressure and Tyre Tread

You wouldn't wear a pair of sneakers to go out dancing. Chances are you would put on your cha cha heels instead.

So when it comes to keeping your car working at her best and saving you dollars, her feet need to put on the right pair of heels as well!

Check out our quick video below on how to check the tyre pressure of your car. It's quick and easy and should be a part of your Galmatic Monthly Car Check.

How often do you check your tyre pressure? Let us know by commenting below.

How To Wash A Car

Just like you, your car deserves a regular trip to the day spa and as every girl knows, those extra touches can make the world of difference.
So don't just clean your car by letting it get wet in the rain -- give it a regular pamper session and you will reap the rewards.

Regular cleaning is the best anti-ageing care for your car.

It will help to:
1. Keep your car looking young and help it to keep its value longer.
2. Improve your vision (clean windows).
3. Improve night safety (clean cars are more visible in the dark).
Before you do give your car a home day spa experience, check with your local council to see if your area has any water restrictions and whether you can use a hose (and if so on what days), or whether you will only be able to use a bucket and water.

Do you wash your car by hand? How often do you wash your car?
We would love to know  - just comment below.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Free Car Care Workshops For Women At Caltex Service Stations

We are so excited to be running some more free 1 hour workshops for Caltex Service Stations across NSW and QLD.Caltex have provided us with the financial assistance to go to regional areas and really make sure that the ladies know some easy and basic yet essential tips for keeping themselves and families safe. 

So what is in a 1 hour Know Your Car Workshop?
You will learn how to check your oil, coolant and check under he bonnet. 

And of course how to change a tyre.

To book call our garage - 02 9970 6677
The workshops are free!

Catex Service Stations at:
NSW - Macksville, Wingham, taree and Port Macquarie
QLD - Hyperdome and Goodna

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Easiest Guide To Changing A Tyre Ladies!

Don't get stuck on the side of the road with a flat tyre and no idea how to change it!
Print off this easy guide and pop it into your glovebox!

Galmatic teach fun and hands on car car workshops for women. 

Keys 2 Drive

A lot of the gals in our class are ladies just on the eve of teaching their kids how to drive.
With a new found interest on road rules, drinking and not driving and how a car works means they are in search of as much information as possible.
A great website is Keys 2 Drive - and Australian Government initiative designed to provide information and a free driving lesson to all young Australian drivers.
Check it out here.

Galmatic run fun and hands-on car care workshops for women

Monday, July 9, 2012

Breakfast TV

It was up early to film out slot on Breakfast Chanel 10 last Thursday - and as you can see it was very cold too!

5am and the crew started setting up for the live coverage. Then it was earpiece in and a live feed from the studio. Great questions from Kath, unlike the usual "Will I break a nail?" questions!

Then 4 minutes later it was a wrap! WOW, live TV is very different to the other filming we have done. No room for a retake! 

Watch the episode here

Monday, July 2, 2012

A crash course to shine

If you have ever put your make up on in the car - you must watch this video until the end.
You will never do it again!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Caltex Service Stations Car Care Workshops

Caltex Service Station Southport

Yes one can never be too safe! But a part form the hi vis, just check out how cool the gals from Southort in QLD are when it comes to getting to know their cars!

We are very proud to be sponsored by Caltex to provide complimentary car care workshops for women. 

Popping the bonnet and checking to see whats there - now which gal doesn't want to find her Jack?

Caltex service station West Burleigh

Check out our website for more details. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Rain Doesn't Stop Us Girls

It was a rainy day this weekend at our Liverpool Workshop - but everyone knows that you cant say you know how to change a tyre until you have done it in the rain!

And then it was off to school  - and the year 9 girls at Pitterwater House were out in the rain too!
A week of changing wet tyres!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Ladies Only Defensive Driving Classes

So many of our friends, likers, and women everywhere, often ask us about what defensive driving actually is.
'So what do you learn?" "Do I need to do it?".

So fasten your seat belt and enjoy watching us in action!

Find out more about our courses at our cool website

See you on the racetrack!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Know Your Car Workshops Chermside Brisbane

And yes after days and days of rain, the clouds cleared up just enough for our 2 hour Know Your Car Workshop in Chermside Brisbane.

This is Mel's turf, but I popped up for the weekend as it had been a while since we had taught class together and had a great time (as you can see).

So what are the main things we discover at our workshops? Rusty tools in the boot!
Rusty tools don't work and can easily snap, so you never want to use a rusty Jack to prop up the car, but also it indicates that there is water leaking into the boot of the car.

Time to quickly check the rubber seals of the car and wipe down that boot.

Check for any rusty steel or holes and get them fixed quickly before the car starts to rust seriously.

Pop into one of our workshops and we will check it for you! 

When was the last time you checked what tools you had in your boot?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Melinda Drives The Zero Car At Targa Tasmania 2012

Article by Melinda - our QLD trainer!

The Mazda Australia Targa Tasmania 2012 rally team (I’m the one in blue on the right hand side)

The Targa Tasmania is a tarmac-based rally event held on closed public roads throughout Tasmania.  It is an internationally renowned classic motor sport event that involves over 250 vehicles and 500+ racing kilometres.  To use a teenage turn of phrase, it’s EPIC!

Nine time Targa Tasmania winner Jim Richards once said something like: “Targa Tasmania: 5 days of racing.  On the sixth day, you’re glad it’s over.  On the seventh day, you’re planning for next year”.  And this is exactly how my passion for the event feels.

I have navigated (or “codriven”) twice and driven various rally cars 6 times.  As a competitor, you line up with incredible supercars such as Ferraris, Maserartis and Lamborghinis.  I also had the honour of racing against legends like Peter Brock, Walter Roehrl, Simon Evans and Dick Johnson.  Sure, they’re in different classes and categories, but it’s such a thrill to be in the mix with them.

Unfortunately, there is the small matter of cost.  Bringing a rally car, support crew and vehicle from Queensland – plus the sheer size of the event - means that my costs are the equivalent to the average wedding.  This led me to find a second job, in the form of teaching “Get to Know Your Car” Galmatic workshops for women (  But that is another story for another blog!

This year I was thrilled to be asked by Mazda Australia to drive their brand new CX-5 as “Zero Car” in the Targa Tasmania.

Mazda Australia team
As the Mazda Zero Car driver, I was a part of the Mazda Australia team that entered 4 additional cars into the competitive component of Targa Tasmania.  Mazda entered 2 very hot RX8 SPs, one super Mazda 3 MPS and a cute Mazda 2 MPS.  The team also included 4 time Australian Rally Champions Simon and Sue Evans and Australia's top young World Rally Championship rally team Brendan Reeves and Rhiannon Smyth.  It was brilliant being a part of such an experienced factory rally outfit.

What is the Zero Car?
Prior to the Zero Car entering the stage, there are so many logistical aspects implemented to ensure the road is safely closed to the public and ready to rally on.  There are volunteer officials and police officers that block side street access the road and “start” and “finish” control stations to time the rally cars as they race over the stage, 30 seconds apart.

To quote Wikipedia, a Zero Car is “a car used in rallying to open the road for the competing cars”.  Our role had two main purposes: 1. to warn the public that the first competitive car is coming; and 2. checking the stage is a standard for competitors to rally on.  To warn spectators and the public, our CX-5 Zero Car had sirens and lights blazing as we zoom-zoomed (pardon the obvious product pun) through the stages. 

We likened the experience to a police chase among spectacular scenery, but without the crims!  We officially signed off on more than 40 rally stages over 5 days as “condition green”, the official classification that the stage is “safe for competitors” or “ready to rumble”.

The fantastic Mazda CX-5 at the start of the longest stage of the Targa Tasmania – Mount Arrowsmith (57 kilometres).

Our ride – the Mazda CX-5
Our ride was the brand new Mazda CX-5, which feels as big as an SUV inside but was surprisingly nimble to drive around the roads of Tasmania.  It had all the goodies – gorgeous leather interior, yummy seat warmers (perfect for Tassie weather), push button start (to make you feel like you’re in a Bond movie), sun roof (for added glamour) and a touch screen with navigational aids and iPod connectivity.  We also had the turbo diesel model with the new SkyActiv technology – meaning a light and fuel efficient engine - which delivered smooth power whenever I asked for it.

The Targa Tasmania competition lasted over 5 days, with over 40 stages and over 500 kilometres of rallying.  We were at the start of the competitive field for every stage.  This meant very early starts, long days (read: lots of under-eye concealer) and helmet-hair (read: lots of product to mitigate the effects of a helmet that smushes hair FLAT).

The head of Mazda Australia Motorsport said to me after the 2,000 kilometre event – “not many cars would take the beating you gave it”, and he was right.  I definitely – and without endorsement fee! – recommend the Mazda CX-5 as a beautiful daily driver.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Car Care - Make It A Habit!

We had the most wonderful time facilitating some car care workshops for the Sisters of Mercy in Parramatta.
The sisters ages ranged from 69 upwards and with bonnet open we ran through some basic car care and safety tips.

Some of the Sisters learnt to drive several decades ago - long before ABS brakes and airbags.
At what speed does an airbag engage and do we still have our hands at 10 and 2?

There were so many questions, really good ones and it was really rewarding to see the Sisters eager to learn more to keep themselves and their passengers safe on the road. 

How often do you think drivers should do a refresher course?

Friday, April 20, 2012

Filming, 4WD and Muddy Boots!

As well as having fun running my company Galmatic I also like to still keep my foot in the acting world. I hadn't filmed a commercial for a few years - so it was fun to be in front of the camera again.

The weather was perfect and the actors had a ball playing in the mud! And I enjoyed a day of teaching, driving and being on set.

I have to say a little more make up would have been great !

The commercial was for the fun free 4WD days I teach at Australian Fleet Sales in Lansvale. To book into the fun and free courses register here

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wet Weather Defensive Driving

It was pouring rain today in Morisset NSW as we conducted our defensive driving course. 
The perfect experience for our drivers to ensure they get some wet weather driving experience.

I especially enjoy the one on one training that we provide and helping to convert someones nerves into confidence.

And lets be honest  - who doesn't like jumping in puddles! So much more fun in a car!
Our defensive driving courses are all about empowering you to feel confident and in control of your car behind the wheel - mixed with some fun too! 

And yes as a trainer that means working in the rain!
Here I am flagging done the next car for their brake swerve and recover practical exercise.
Helen is very comfortable behind the camera and under the umbrella! 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Harley Davidson - Just For The Ladies

Our Galmatic Know Your Car Workshops, are all about car car know how for your 4 wheel beast.
So we were excited when our friends at Harley Davidson invited us to join in their Ladies Garage Party.

All things - gals, bikes and leather!
Yes I am fantasing Jax Teller style here - but hey who doesn't love a motorbike!

Want to find out more about this free day?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Women Are Batter Drivers Than Men!

The Sydney Newspaper The Sunday Telegraph 8th April

Sundays paper featured their cover story with the front page title of 'It's Official - Women driver's are best".A very emotive topic about pitting male and female drivers against each other.

It's a debate we try and not get involved with, however in out defensive driving courses we often have many a "lady drivers jokes surface! 

The point we try and make in our courses is that all drivers need to be be careful on the roads, take less risks and be better at risk management.

Young drivers may take more risks, however they do have great reaction time, where as older more experienced drivers have more years of practice behind the wheel.

So who do we think the best drivers on the road are?

The drivers that do the following:

  • Drive with care and follow road rules
  • Are courteous drivers
  • Patient with learners an P platers
  • Don't drink and drive, take drugs and drive or when heavily fatigued
  • Stick to the speed limit
  • nd leave the mobile phone switched off

Think your P plater could learn some valuable skills? Our defensive driving courses are perfect ! Book a course today 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Why This Car Is Hydro - matic!

A workshop in Newcastle and the ladies help us out spreading the word!
We love our name and a lot of people comment on it - so I thought it was time to share its origins.
In my early twenties I was in the rockabilly scene. Big petticoats and quiffed hair and a few of us gals drove old Holden's.

My very first car - a 1955 FE Holden
We all tinkered with our cars as they were easy to fix and thought it would be great to have an all gal garage. Somewhere you could go to learn more and feel confident.

And don't pretend you don't sing -a -long too!
So one night whilst watching the movie Grease and of course singing loudly to Greased Lightening - I went from this car is Hydromatic to this is car is Galmatic!
It took me over a decade to get there - but I eventually turned that little dream into a company!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cleaning Child Restraints

Miss 6 year old and Miss 3 year old make keeping the car clean a challenge. But as a dutiful Galmatic trainer, every week - the car seats come out of the back and the vacuum cleaner picks up all the food bits that missed the mouth.
Often however parents find it tricky remembering how to put the car seat back in.

We check several car seats a week in our workshops and my best tip is to take a photo of how the straps are attached so that you can put them back in the right way.
Give the seat and the cover a good clean and then make sure you have the seat back in correctly.
The most important thing to remember about child car restraints is that the restraint is only effective if used correctly. The most common things we here at our workshops are:
 “But I had my restraint fitted last year by a professional – why do I need to check it?”
“My child is so clever they can get themselves in and out of the car seat on their own”
“I know my car seat is in correctly as I give it a bit of a shake every now and then”

The important thing to remember it that child restraints move when a car brakes, accelerates quickly, children get in and out, when you ‘test’ it with a shake and when the vacuum cleaner goes underneath. They need to be checked regularly to ensure they are positioned correctly.
Unlike walking and talking, getting in and out of a child restraint is not a milestone. It is important to ensure the restraint is used correctly – can you really put the life of your child in their own hands?

A daily Check list
Is the seat belt buckle connected?
Is the seat belt adjusted correctly?
Is there any twist or slack in the harness?
Is the angular aspect OK?
Is there any slack in the upper tether strap?
Are there any loose items that might hurt your child?

Weekly Checklist
Has your child outgrown their restraint?
Are your child’s shoulders above the strap slots?
Do the inserts effect safe harness adjustment?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Galmatic ladies Only Defensive Driving Courses

Now it may look like we are relaxing, but these are our witches hats, which we call our cows, after a long hot day out at Sydney Dragway.

Helen was enjoying the comfort of the air conditioned training room as I packed up the hats, the hose, our flags and the empty water bottles from the track.

It was a hot one today - but great to see so many ladies getting to know their cars and learning the limitations and abilities that they have behind the wheel of their car. 

It's a long day and quite tiring and confronting at times - but it's also exhilarating and empowering.
We had several P Platers on yesterdays course and its always wonderful to see how amazing their reaction time is and how excited they are about their new freedom.

We would love to see more driver training taught in schools and to young drivers. What are your thoughts?