Monday, April 30, 2012

Car Care - Make It A Habit!

We had the most wonderful time facilitating some car care workshops for the Sisters of Mercy in Parramatta.
The sisters ages ranged from 69 upwards and with bonnet open we ran through some basic car care and safety tips.

Some of the Sisters learnt to drive several decades ago - long before ABS brakes and airbags.
At what speed does an airbag engage and do we still have our hands at 10 and 2?

There were so many questions, really good ones and it was really rewarding to see the Sisters eager to learn more to keep themselves and their passengers safe on the road. 

How often do you think drivers should do a refresher course?

Friday, April 20, 2012

Filming, 4WD and Muddy Boots!

As well as having fun running my company Galmatic I also like to still keep my foot in the acting world. I hadn't filmed a commercial for a few years - so it was fun to be in front of the camera again.

The weather was perfect and the actors had a ball playing in the mud! And I enjoyed a day of teaching, driving and being on set.

I have to say a little more make up would have been great !

The commercial was for the fun free 4WD days I teach at Australian Fleet Sales in Lansvale. To book into the fun and free courses register here

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wet Weather Defensive Driving

It was pouring rain today in Morisset NSW as we conducted our defensive driving course. 
The perfect experience for our drivers to ensure they get some wet weather driving experience.

I especially enjoy the one on one training that we provide and helping to convert someones nerves into confidence.

And lets be honest  - who doesn't like jumping in puddles! So much more fun in a car!
Our defensive driving courses are all about empowering you to feel confident and in control of your car behind the wheel - mixed with some fun too! 

And yes as a trainer that means working in the rain!
Here I am flagging done the next car for their brake swerve and recover practical exercise.
Helen is very comfortable behind the camera and under the umbrella! 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Harley Davidson - Just For The Ladies

Our Galmatic Know Your Car Workshops, are all about car car know how for your 4 wheel beast.
So we were excited when our friends at Harley Davidson invited us to join in their Ladies Garage Party.

All things - gals, bikes and leather!
Yes I am fantasing Jax Teller style here - but hey who doesn't love a motorbike!

Want to find out more about this free day?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Women Are Batter Drivers Than Men!

The Sydney Newspaper The Sunday Telegraph 8th April

Sundays paper featured their cover story with the front page title of 'It's Official - Women driver's are best".A very emotive topic about pitting male and female drivers against each other.

It's a debate we try and not get involved with, however in out defensive driving courses we often have many a "lady drivers jokes surface! 

The point we try and make in our courses is that all drivers need to be be careful on the roads, take less risks and be better at risk management.

Young drivers may take more risks, however they do have great reaction time, where as older more experienced drivers have more years of practice behind the wheel.

So who do we think the best drivers on the road are?

The drivers that do the following:

  • Drive with care and follow road rules
  • Are courteous drivers
  • Patient with learners an P platers
  • Don't drink and drive, take drugs and drive or when heavily fatigued
  • Stick to the speed limit
  • nd leave the mobile phone switched off

Think your P plater could learn some valuable skills? Our defensive driving courses are perfect ! Book a course today 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Why This Car Is Hydro - matic!

A workshop in Newcastle and the ladies help us out spreading the word!
We love our name and a lot of people comment on it - so I thought it was time to share its origins.
In my early twenties I was in the rockabilly scene. Big petticoats and quiffed hair and a few of us gals drove old Holden's.

My very first car - a 1955 FE Holden
We all tinkered with our cars as they were easy to fix and thought it would be great to have an all gal garage. Somewhere you could go to learn more and feel confident.

And don't pretend you don't sing -a -long too!
So one night whilst watching the movie Grease and of course singing loudly to Greased Lightening - I went from this car is Hydromatic to this is car is Galmatic!
It took me over a decade to get there - but I eventually turned that little dream into a company!