Thursday, April 5, 2012

Why This Car Is Hydro - matic!

A workshop in Newcastle and the ladies help us out spreading the word!
We love our name and a lot of people comment on it - so I thought it was time to share its origins.
In my early twenties I was in the rockabilly scene. Big petticoats and quiffed hair and a few of us gals drove old Holden's.

My very first car - a 1955 FE Holden
We all tinkered with our cars as they were easy to fix and thought it would be great to have an all gal garage. Somewhere you could go to learn more and feel confident.

And don't pretend you don't sing -a -long too!
So one night whilst watching the movie Grease and of course singing loudly to Greased Lightening - I went from this car is Hydromatic to this is car is Galmatic!
It took me over a decade to get there - but I eventually turned that little dream into a company!

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