Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Women Are Batter Drivers Than Men!

The Sydney Newspaper The Sunday Telegraph 8th April

Sundays paper featured their cover story with the front page title of 'It's Official - Women driver's are best".A very emotive topic about pitting male and female drivers against each other.

It's a debate we try and not get involved with, however in out defensive driving courses we often have many a "lady drivers jokes surface! 

The point we try and make in our courses is that all drivers need to be be careful on the roads, take less risks and be better at risk management.

Young drivers may take more risks, however they do have great reaction time, where as older more experienced drivers have more years of practice behind the wheel.

So who do we think the best drivers on the road are?

The drivers that do the following:

  • Drive with care and follow road rules
  • Are courteous drivers
  • Patient with learners an P platers
  • Don't drink and drive, take drugs and drive or when heavily fatigued
  • Stick to the speed limit
  • nd leave the mobile phone switched off

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