Friday, June 8, 2012

Know Your Car Workshops Chermside Brisbane

And yes after days and days of rain, the clouds cleared up just enough for our 2 hour Know Your Car Workshop in Chermside Brisbane.

This is Mel's turf, but I popped up for the weekend as it had been a while since we had taught class together and had a great time (as you can see).

So what are the main things we discover at our workshops? Rusty tools in the boot!
Rusty tools don't work and can easily snap, so you never want to use a rusty Jack to prop up the car, but also it indicates that there is water leaking into the boot of the car.

Time to quickly check the rubber seals of the car and wipe down that boot.

Check for any rusty steel or holes and get them fixed quickly before the car starts to rust seriously.

Pop into one of our workshops and we will check it for you! 

When was the last time you checked what tools you had in your boot?

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