Saturday, August 4, 2012

How To Wash A Car

Just like you, your car deserves a regular trip to the day spa and as every girl knows, those extra touches can make the world of difference.
So don't just clean your car by letting it get wet in the rain -- give it a regular pamper session and you will reap the rewards.

Regular cleaning is the best anti-ageing care for your car.

It will help to:
1. Keep your car looking young and help it to keep its value longer.
2. Improve your vision (clean windows).
3. Improve night safety (clean cars are more visible in the dark).
Before you do give your car a home day spa experience, check with your local council to see if your area has any water restrictions and whether you can use a hose (and if so on what days), or whether you will only be able to use a bucket and water.

Do you wash your car by hand? How often do you wash your car?
We would love to know  - just comment below.

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