Friday, October 5, 2012

Ohh This Is A Hybrid? You Sure?

And here we go - off to the Central Coast for a defensive driving course of men!
So what will they think of this Hybrid?

Hi Vis shirt on  - yes I know, orange and re don't mix and it was into Sports mode to take the CR-Z for a cruise and see what the boys thought.

SO you can imagine, "oh it's red, it's small, it's cool - so it cant be a Hybrid!" they all sang in almost perfect chorus. So after a poke around, I let them watch me take it for a spin. It handles well in Normal mode with the steering transferring into a very responsive drive when put into Sports mode.

Off to Eastern Creek tomorrow - so some track footage to show you how well this little Hybrid handles the road!

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texas defensive driving said...

What a cool car. The color helps it a lot too. I hope you have a great time with it.